W4 App for JD Edwards


Swift W4 app streamlines Form W-4 management for US businesses, automating completion and updates for accurate tax withholding. Form W-4 is an IRS tax form for employees to declare their tax situation to employers, ensuring correct federal tax withholding.

The Swift W4 App provides the following key features:

Note: You need Swift platform service to use this application.


The Dashboard View in W4 form features a user-friendly Interface.

  • Equipped with essential widgets, like “NewW4 form” and “W4 form” widgets, providing valuable insights and allowing seamless access to relevant forms.
  • Additionally, users are greeted with a welcoming note upon accessing the app, accompanied by a concise video tutorial on how to effectively utilize its features.

W4 – Personal Information

The W4 – Personal Information entry form within the Swift W4 app allows users to input vital details necessary for precise tax withholding.

  • This includes essential information such as the individual’s full name, current address, social security number, and filing status.
  • By meticulously collecting these details, the app ensures adherence to IRS regulations and facilitates smooth processing of tax-related matters

W4 – WTH Allowance Certificate

The W4 – Withholding Allowance Certificate entry form in the Swift W4 app enables users to declare their withholding allowances accurately.

  • Users can specify allowances for themselves, spouse, dependents, and additional income, ensuring precise tax withholding calculations.
  • This streamlined process ensures compliance with IRS regulations and facilitates efficient management of tax responsibilities.

W4 Forms

The Form W-4 browsing feature in the Swift W4 app allows users to easily locate and access the W-4 form issued by the IRS.

  • Users can quickly find the latest version of the form, ensuring compliance with current regulations.
  • This convenient browsing capability streamlines the process of accessing essential tax documents, facilitating efficient tax management for businesses and employees alike

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