Ports Terminal & Stevedore Operations using IoT and ML

Ephlux has designed Ports & Terminal Asset & Operator Monitoring solution with an integrated approach through the combination of edge-intelligence via specialized hardware and firmware, IoT Gateway and cloud-based IoT Asset Monitoring and Machine Learning

Ports Coming Alive with Better Controls

The insights gained with this solution and the predictive power of the embedded machine learning models help reduce overhead incurred from not having assets available where and when they are needed through proactive planning

Specialized Hardware

ver the years Ephlux has perfected the hardware configurations using the best of breed vendor hardware options tailored with the specialized embedded firmware with capabilities

Ephlux IoT Firmware (compliant to Oracle IoT AM / Ephlux IoT Gateway)

Ephlux has built a firmware that provides localized intelligence and seamless interface between the hardware capabilities and the IoT Gateway which in turn is connected to the cloud based asset monitoring and predictive analytics.

Machine Learning with Asset Monitoring Data

Ephlux has worked on machine learning models where the learning capabilities are demonstrated through sensor data being added over time, several benefits can be derived by a port such as predicting asset failures, downtime, potential violations based on the usage patterns and operator behavior and a lot more!

Ephlux Telemetry Cellular Data Plan

Ephlux provides tailor-made telemetry data plans leveraging our partnership with AT&T and also other telcos including but not limited to Verizon, Vodafone etc. as might be suitable for the port location and data coverage needs.

Authorized Operator / Asset Pairing based Power Engine Ignition

The authorized operators (based on their training / certification and the current geo-fence of the assets) on scanning their NFC tags can pair up with the asset and automatically power up the engine ignition thus making their NFC cards behave as a key and also provide visibility of the operator efficiency, violations and more.


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