Swift for JD Edwards Online Training

With Swift Online Training you’ll learn how to design, launch, extend and manage Swift applications. 

JD Edwards business analysts, and power users will learn to design, build, deploy and launch mobile and web apps in a matter of minutes, and how they are automatically integrated with JDE applications, orchestrations and databases without the need to write a single line of code.

CNCs and System Administrators will learn how to configure Swift connectivity with JD Edwards, 3rd party systems and databases, user security, import/export and topics pertaining to security and monitoring of Swift instance.

Swift Functional Consultant Training Outline

  • Create and configure Swift Applications
  • Create Find/Browse Forms
  • Create Swift Entry Forms
  • Create Swift View/Action Forms
  • Map View/Action Forms to Find/Browse Forms
  • Create Action Buttons and invoke Orchestrations
  • Create Orchestration Forms
  • Create Custom Forms
  • Test Swift Mobile Application
  • Test Swift Web Application
  • Enable Swift apps for JDE users/roles
  • Monitor Transactions

Swift Administration Consultant Training Outline

  • Configure Swift JD Edwards Channel
  • Configure access rights for JDE master user for Swift
  • Whitelist Swift Cloud IPs on Firewall
  • Create/Configure Swift REST and DB Channels
  • Enable Swift apps for JDE users/roles
  • Monitor Transactions
  • Configure Swift iOS Container App
  • Configure Swift Android Container App
  • Manage Swift Demo, Staging and Production Environments
  • Export Swift Applications
  • Import Swift Applications
  • Manage Global Variables and Cache

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Get Started with Swift

Sign up for Swift Start and get a fully functional Swift instance, pre-integrated with a JD Edwards demo instance. You can explore the pre-built apps available on Swift App Store, customize them or create your own from scratch and share them with your peers.

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Swift Certified Consultants are responsible for designing, developing, launching, extending and managing Swift applications. Join some of the most innovative and reputed JDE professionals in the industry by getting your Swift functional or admin certifications.

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Get started with Swift Documentation and learn how to design highly functional and user-friendly mobile, tablet and web apps automatically integrated with JD Edwards modules, orchestrations, 3rd party apps and even custom databases without writing a single line of code.