JD Edwards Solutions
Integrated JD Edwards Digital solutions let you
leverage the innovation on the cloud seamlessly
co-existing with your core JD Edwards modules.
Making Oracle IoT apps
co-exist with your MS Azure
Combine the power of Oracle IoT apps with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub,
Data Lake and Machine Learning in an integrated architecture.
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JD Edwards Services

JD Edwards Implementation

Ephlux is a full-service provider of JD Edwards consulting services with 2,000 man-months plus of cumulative experience of our team on functional consulting, techno-functional consulting, JD Edwards development, integration and CNC Administration.

JD Edwards Integration

Whether you’re looking for a real-time integration of your JD Edwards with a cloud-based CRM, e-commerce applications, mobile apps, shipment carriers, SOA middleware or any 3rd party application either on-prem or on the cloud, Ephlux gives you a huge advantage.

JD Edwards Digital Transformation

JD Edwards digital transformation and SaaS cloud adoption using IoT, machine learning, RPA, Blockchain, CRM, e-commerce applications, mobile apps, shipment carriers, either on-prem or on the cloud, Ephlux has you strongly covered.

JD Edwards Consulting

2,000+ man-months of cumulative experience of functional & techno-functional consulting, JDE development, integration and CNC.

JD Edwards Training

Our JD Edwards Integration Trainings have helped senior, mid-level and fresh JD Edwards consultants integrate JD Edwards E1 to 3rd party applications, enterprise cloud apps, mobile apps, SOA and social channels.

Connected JD Edwards Solutions

JD Edwards CAM + IoT Asset Monitoring

For JDE Capital Asset Management (CAM) users, Ephlux has developed an integrated solution with Oracle’s IoT Asset Monitoring, to help monitor, manage and preempt asset breakdown in order to improve asset servicing.

JD Edwards Digital Field Services

JD Edwards integrated with an IoT enabled field service allows for a 3rd Generation Digital Field Service platform, empowering mobile workers, improving customer satisfaction, gaining insight and taking action faster.

JD Edwards + E-Commerce

An ordinary e-commerce solution doesn’t cut it for today’s ultra-connected customer. Only a holistic approach to e-commerce store that integrates with your JD Edwards and all mobile, social and digital channels can provide that awesome customer experience.

JD Edwards + Industry 4.0

Ephlux alongside Oracle has put together an Industry 4.0 solution for Digital Manufacturing for JD Edwards using Internet of Things and machine learning.

JD Edwards CAM + IBM Watson

Experience the combined powers of IBM Watson, JDE IoT Orchestrator and Oracle IoT Cloud apps to build end-to-end integrated enterprise IoT solutions.

JD Edwards Orchestrator + MS Power Apps

Get the most out of JD Edwards Orchestrator and MS Power Apps to provide a rapid deployment of integrated applications for your digital transformation initiatives.

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