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Ephlux brings innovation and agility in the enterprise by bridging the gap between their customer journeys and business processes.

Using no-code enterprise automation, mobility, alternate user experiences, Internet of Things and Generative AI, we actively help large enterprises with their multi-cloud, digital transformation initiatives.

Our game-changing innovations co-exist with existing ERP, Supply Chain Solutions, HCM, CRM and other enterprise apps, processes and analytics to provide you the maximum leverage and impact.

values we live by


Innovation is in our DNA and what we are all about.


We are playing the long game with an infinite mindset.


Being fast and adaptive is what gives us our biggest competitive advantage.


We bring the heart and soul to our business to take care of our teams, our customers and our partners.


We work to make an impact and leave a legacy much greater than ourselves.


We are driven by excellence and aim to be the best in the world at what we do.

Key Highlights

Specialized JDE, IoT & CX partner

Specialized partner working with Oracle product mgmt. for JDE, CX, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

Oracle Customer Advisory Board Member

Key Member of Oracle Customer Advisory Board for Internet of Things and Blockchain.

Oracle & Microsoft Integrated Solutions

Pre-integrated solutions with Oracle IoT Apps, Oracle CX, MS Azure, MS Dynamics & ERPs for predictive maintenance.

JD Edwards Digital Transformation

JD Edwards partner well known for mobility, digital transformation, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Industry 4.0

Referenced at Gartner

Ephlux Customer referenced at Gartner for Digital Transformation using Internet of Things for Remote Monitoring

Published at Stanford

Published at Stanford as one of the top Oracle partners for Internet of Things based Remote Asset Monitoring

Telemetry Partnerships

Enterprise IoT Telemetry Partner with AT&T, Verizon and Comcast

Connected Industry Solutions

Industrial IoT Solutions for Connected Construction, Mining, Pharma, Ports & Healthcare

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