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Embark on a journey of innovation agility with Swift as we introduce the Swift Portal – a gateway to unlocking the full potential and experience of this revolutionary platform for our customers, partners and consultants.

Personalized Access: Obtain your unique Swift ID for a tailored experience.

Interactive Demos: Explore the dynamic capabilities of Swift in real-time.

Self-Discovery Sessions: Dive deep into Swift’s features with customized questionnaires.

AI Assistance: Experience guided support for seamless navigation.

Introducing Swift Portal

Unlocking the potential of innovation agility with Swift
Get started to gain exclusive access to a range of features within the Swift Portal


Swift Interactive Demos:
Experience an array of interactive demos tailored to showcase the dynamic capabilities of Swift.

Schedule a LIVE Demo:
With Swift Portal, you can seamlessly schedule and experience live demonstrations tailored to your needs.

Swift Discovery:
Conduct self-discovery sessions using tailored questionnaires and benefit from AI-based assistance.

Swift Estimates & Solution Requests
Request estimates for sizing, pricing, and solutioning directly within the portal.

Sandbox Environments:
Craft diverse applications – mobile, tablet, scanner, web applications and portals in Swift’s sandbox environments.

Swift Innovation Hub Integration
If you’re already familiar with the Swift Innovation Hub, enjoy a seamless transition as you access its features directly through the Swift Portal.

Swift Workshops & Certifications:
Gain access to enriching training sessions, engaging workshops, and the opportunity to become Swift certified.

Swift Knowledge Base
Access valuable resources, including product documentation, training, workshops, and opportunities for Swift certification.

Comprehensive Documentation:
Find your go-to guide for application design, launch and seamless integration with your ERP and other enterprise apps.

Guidance Every Step of the Way
Our dedicated team is committed to assisting you at every step.
Expect an email and personalized outreach in the coming days to guide you through the onboarding process.

Get Started with Swift Portal

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Get Started with Swift

Sign up for Swift Start and get a fully functional Swift instance, pre-integrated with a JD Edwards demo instance. You can explore the pre-built apps available on Swift App Store, customize them or create your own from scratch and share them with your peers.

Join Swift Online Training

Join us for the Online Training and learn to design, build, deploy and launch mobile and web apps in a matter of minutes, and how they are automatically integrated with JDE applications, orchestrations and databases without the need to write a single line of code.

Get Swift Certification

Swift Certified Consultants are responsible for designing, developing, launching, extending and managing Swift applications. Join some of the most innovative and reputed JDE professionals in the industry by getting your Swift functional or admin certifications.