Connected Healthcare
for Patient Centric Care

Ephlux’s Connected Healthcare focused around Patient Centric Care helps you break down hospital barriers so you can connect engagements, build advocacy, and ensure a remarkable customer experience.

Better Care

Better Care Making health information portable increases the continuity of care and reduces medical errors.

Cost Effective

Reduced Cost Transportability of health data will decrease costs across the health system ultimately decreasing the cost to provide services, thus reducing costs for the patient.

Better Experience

Better Experience A Connected Health experience enhances the ability for family care giving and decreases the reliance on the system to manage family health.

Reduce Defensive Care

Reduce Defensive Care Decrease the need to practice defensive medicine by increasing the connectivity to the patient post care and leveraging systems to monitor preventable incidents.

Decrease Fraudulent Claims

Decrease Costs Linking claims systems together reduces duplication of effort, billing errors and fraudulent claims.

Promote Prevention

Create visual patters and line-of-business, user-friendly interfaces for advanced analytics aggregation. 

Success Stories

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