Oracle IoT Apps

Forward-looking organizations are using emerging technologies, such as IoT, to transform business processes to meet new demands and market opportunities. By infusing fundamental business systems with groundbreaking capabilities, companies can outpace change.

Oracle IoT Consulting Services

Fleet Monitoring

Drive fleet efficiency with Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Fleet Monitoring Cloud’s real-time monitoring of vehicles, drivers, and trips. Gain real-time visibility into vehicle location, cost of operation, vehicle usage, and driving behavior.

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Service Monitoring for Connected Assets

Empower contact center agents with Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Service Monitoring for Connected Assets Cloud, and get information and tools to enable immediate issue resolution.

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Asset Monitoring

Use Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Asset Monitoring Cloud to improve profitability through automated monitoring and alerting of assets. Gain real-time visibility into asset health and utilization, and predict future events.

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Production Monitoring

Deliver products on time with Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Production Monitoring Cloud’s continuous tracking and prediction of production performance across factories, products, and machines.

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Why Oracle IoT?

Business-Ready IoT SaaS Applications

Oracle IoT SaaS applications revolutionize what’s possible for your business. Get faster business outcomes using leading-edge, business-ready, cloud-based IoT applications. Accelerate scalability, time to value, and time to market.

End-to-End Security

Oracle provides a secure environment of trusted devices, communications, and lifecycle management. Each device is assigned a unique identity. Authentication is enforced prior to communication for proof-of-origin of data. Transport-level security helps prevent corruption. Role-based access control manages user access.

Broad IoT Device and Protocol Support

Seamlessly connect multiple devices to your enterprise applications and business processes with a variety of communication protocols and REST APIs over a broad range of programming environments, including Android, C, Java, and JavaScript.

Built-In Machine Learning

Built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities enable you to build intelligent IoT solutions. Domain-specific algorithms include asset health, production monitoring, worker safety, and predictive maintenance.

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