Delight your Customers with Service Cloud

Companies that aim for exceptional customer service seek out and embrace the tools and technology that integrate through open standards with their existing systems and which can easily adapt to rapidly-changing business requirements.


Guided Knowledge

Create guided flows for navigating users to the right answers across multiple content sources

Customer Engagement

However and wherever your customers interact with your business, Oracle connects those interactions with your brand – supporting all customer-centric functions – to improve the customer experience.

Social Contact Center

Predictive analytics, social media knowledge and real-time recommendations can give you collective insights that help you lower costs, grow revenue, and sustain brand value.

Virtual Assistant

Modernize your business with native mobile, social, and analytic technologies. Best-in-class, integrated, applications help you beat the competition.

Team Collaboration

Your industry faces unique challenges. Customer Experience Industry Solutions are tailor-made to address your company's needs.

Capacity Management

Deliver consistent, personalized customer experiences with Oracle's complete, integrated cloud solutions that connect every customer engagement with your brand.

The world of business is changing fast. Technology is exploding, mobile devices are everywhere, new communication channels are emerging, and social media is mainstream. All of this is combining to forever change the way your customers interact with your business. At the same time, customer expectations are rising dramatically. Customers want answers fast – no matter where they are or what device they are using – and they never want to repeat their story


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