JD Edwards AIS Training 

Our AIS Integration Training has helped a number of senior, mid-level and fresh JD Edwards consultants with integrating JD Edwards using Application Interface Services (AIS) to 3rd party applications, enterprise cloud apps, mobile apps and more.

Whats Inside

• Access to the complete set of Training Videos – NO time constraints.
• Training Material – PDF formats of all the material discussed and shared during the training.
• Sample Source Code.
• Lab Exercises.
• Certified Completion Certificate – provided after course completion.
• Instruction to setting up your JDE AIS DV environment.

Our original price for the AIS E-Learning Kit is $499, but for a limited time period, we’re offering the entire training in just a sum of $199.

Day 1 – Introduction to REST and JSON

  • Overview of REST
  • Difference between SOAP and REST
  • HTTP Methods
  • HTTP Headers & Content-Type
  • HTTP return codes
  • Overview of JSON (Javascript Object Notation)
  • JSON Objects & Attributes
  • JSON Arrays
  • Hands on Labs

Day 2 – Introduction to Postman

  • Postman Overview
  • Postman Interface Overview
  • Working with GET Requests (Lab)
  • Working with POST Requests (Lab)

Day 3 – Introduction to AIS Architecture

  • AIS Architecture Overview
  • Difference between BSSV and AIS
  • Core Focus of AIS
  • What AIS CAN’T DO
  • Services Overview
  • Default Config Service (Lab)
  • Hands on Lab

Day 4 – Token Request and Data Services

  • Token Request Service Overview
  • Example Request
  • Example Response
  • Data Service Overview
  • Example Request-1
  • Example Response-1
  • Example Request-2
  • Example Response-2
  • Hands on Lab

Day 5 – Form Request & Application Stack Services

  • Form Request Service Overview
  • Identify AIS Control Ids
  • Basic & Advance Parameters
  • Query / Form Interconnect / FormEvents
  • Hands on Lab
  • App Stack Service Overview
  • Understanding stackId / stateId / rId
  • Example Flow
  • Parameters
  • Hands on Lab

Day 6-Logging Message & MO Service

  • Logging Service Overview
  • Parameters
  • Example Request
  • Hands On Lab
  • Message Service Overview
  • Parameters
  • Hands On Lab
  • Media Object Service Overview
  • Parameters
  • Hands On Lab

Potential Candidates

  • JD Edwards developers who wish to enhance their skill set and learn advance integration techniques with JD Edwards using AIS.

Qualifications (Must have)

  • Proficient with JD Edwards architecture
  • Must have 2 years of experiance in Techno-functional role

Qualifications (Optional)

  • Academic introduction for Java or Java Script
  • Understand of JD Edwards BSSV Services
  • Knowledge about REST & JSON based services


  • 6 Days ( 1 hours per day )
  • Note: Based on our experience so far training some busy JD Edwards consultants, we’ve felt a need to split up the training into more days so that the consultants can balance their customer projects with the training. This helps the consultants have enough time to balance their current engagements along with ample time to practice the lab exercises.

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