Ephlux helps companies provide connected digital experiences by leveraging mobility, internet of things and machine learning with CRMs and integration with JD Edwards ERP

JD Edwards Consulting Services

JD Edwards Mobility

Ephlux provides one of the most robust JD Edwards enterprise mobility apps offerings covering more than 50+ use-cases across Sales, Service, Finance, Manufacturing, Procurement, HR and more that work across mobile, tablet, scanners and even web and TV screens.

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JD Edwards Digital Transformation

JD Edwards digital transformation and SaaS cloud adoption using IoT, machine learning, RPA, Blockchain, CRM, e-commerce applications, mobile apps, shipment carriers, either on-prem or on the cloud, Ephlux has you strongly covered.

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JD Edwards Implementation

Ephlux is a full-service provider of JD Edwards consulting services with 2,000 man-months plus of cumulative experience of our team on functional consulting, techno-functional consulting, JD Edwards development, integration and CNC Administration.

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JD Edwards Integration

Whether you’re looking for a real-time integration of your JD Edwards with a cloud-based CRM, e-commerce applications, mobile apps, shipment carriers, SOA middleware or any 3rd party application either on-prem or on the cloud, Ephlux gives you a huge advantage.

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Why Ephlux?

Specialized Partner

Oracle’s specialized JD Edwards partner working with Product Mgmt for JD Edwards, Oracle CX, IoT Cloud, Machine Learning, Blockchain and more.

Oracle Customer Advisory Board

We are a key member of Oracle Customer Advisory Board for Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Blockchain

Oracle & Microsoft integrated solutions

Pre-integrated solutions with Oracle IoT Apps, Oracle CX, MS Azure, MS Dynamics & ERPs for predictive maintenance

JD Edwards Digital Transformation

Reputed JD Edwards partner for IoT, mobility and integration using Orchestrator, AIS, BSSV with pre-integrated solutions with Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce cloud apps.

Referenced at Gartner

Ephlux Customer referenced at Gartner for Digital Transformation using Internet of Things for Remote Monitoring

Published at Stanford

Deliver consistent, personalized customer experiences with Oracle's complete, integrated cloud solutions that connect every customer engagement with your brand.

Meet the experts


Meet Ephlux experts who will share with you our success stories with some of the world’s best-known global brands for JD Edwards integration, mobility, implementation and managed services. This 30 min. call will give you a head-start that your project deserves.

Success Stories

  • Plano Synergy – US outdoor sports good manufacturer adopted Swift

    Plano Synergy – the iconic US outdoors sports good brand – has embraced Swift for enterprise mobile apps integrated with their JD Edwards starting with PO Approvals.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D76dXtlBqBk PO Approval for Plano Synergy Plano Synergy – the iconic US sports good manufacturer –  has embraced the power and simplicity of Swift platform to launch mobile

    December 5, 2021
  • Anadolu Pet Turkey’s top pet supplies company embraced Swift

    Turkey’s top pet supplies company chose Swift for B2B sales app for sales force across Turkey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN8cNO1fPCo B2B Sales Order app for Turkish pet supplies company Swift will provide Anadolu sales force, mobile Sales Order app to serve more than 3,000 Pet Shops, Veterinary Clinics and e-commerce channels in 73 provinces across Turkey. Highlights –

    November 19, 2021
  • Mizuno embraces Ephlux Swift starting with EDI Mobility for JD Edwards

    Mizuno embraces Swift for enterprise mobility starting with Sales Orders and EDI Mobility with their JD Edwards and SPS Commerce.  Mizuno is one of the world’s leading sports goods manufacturers with a massive global presence and headquarters in Japan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNb9WasMlCk Mizuno, leading sports good manufacturer, embraced Swift Mizuno has embraced the power and simplicity of Swift

    September 30, 2021
  • Mizuno trusts Ephlux for their JD Edwards EDI Integration with SPS Commerce

    Mizuno USA relies on Ephlux to integrate their JD Edwards ERP’s supply-chain and EDI processes with their top trading partners in the US.  Mizuno is one of the world’s leading sports goods manufacturers with a massive global presence and headquarters in Japan. Ephlux helps Mizuno deliver EDI integration of their JD Edwards ERP with SPS

    May 10, 2021