Introducing Swift Supplier Portal

Swift Supplier Portal

We announce our pre-built Swift Supplier Portal integrated seamlessly with JD Edwards E1 and AP Automation Software now available with your Swift Subscription.

Following are some of the key features:

  • Dashboard
  • Invoices
  • Integration with AP Automation
  • Purchase Orders
  • Transactions
  • Take Action


Easily configurable dashboards allow you to create drill-down widgets for the Invoices and Purchase Orders based on status or other criteria.

All the Dashboard widgets are fully configurable by the Business Analysts.



Mobile View

Tablet View



All Invoices

Allows the supplier to view all invoices uploaded by them pulled in the real-time from A/P Standard Voucher Entry – P0411 and Supplier Ledger Inquiry – W0411G forms.

Note: You can easily customize it to pull data from some other JDE standard or custom forms, versions or tables.

Invoices – Pending Approval

Using the powerful Search Designer, you can configure the filters to pull data based on the specific Payment Status such as “Held/Pending Approval”“Approved for Payment”“Paid in Full” etc.

The data is securely filtered based on the logged-in supplier and can be further easily configured by the Business Analysts to use more filters.


Invoices – Approved for Payment

Invoices – Paid in Full

View Invoice Detail

Drill down into the Invoice and view the details from P0411 and W0411A forms. You can also combine data from other forms together to create a holistic view.

Purchase Orders

All Purchase Orders

Allows the supplier to view all purchase orders issued to them, pulled in the real-time from Purchase Orders – P04310 and Work With Order Headers – W4310I forms.

Note: You can easily customize it to pull data from some other JDE standard or custom forms, versions or tables.

Today / This Week / This Quarter / This Month


All Transactions on the portal are available in the Transactions module.

Take Action

Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to get you started with your Swift Supplier Portal. We will also train your team to completely own the configuration and roll-out of the Swift Portal to your suppliers.


How Swift provides the game-changing capability?

Most low-code, no-code platforms evolved as the next-phase of the original development tools, built a decade or two ago, and still follow the same development mindset in their DNA. Although they’ve tried their best to make them easy for the business analysts and the users, majority have fallen short.

To bring about the real paradigm shift and benefits of a low-code/no-code platform, a grounds-up rethinking was required to work at a meta-data level, and incorporate at the core of the architecture, the latest and greatest advancements in web and mobile technologies, integration, security, analytics and cloud-based server frameworks. 


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