That’s Modern Marketing
in the Cloud

Oracle Marketing Cloud is the only Modern Marketing solution with data management and activation that lets you personalize cross channel, content and social marketing.

Data Driven

Powerful data-driven solutions can create sophisticated, personal, and consistent customer experiences. Tools for designing, deploying, and testing email marketing campaigns deliver insights and results.


Oracle Marketing Cloud helps marketers design cross-channel customer experiences that are personalized and sophisticated. It brings deeply integrated technologies and insights together to help marketers realize their goals.


Through Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Engage, reps can easily create campaigns from any device creating real time engagement. This flexibility gives sales teams a powerful sales tools suite to improve performance.

Personalized at Scale

It’s easy to make data from disparate sources useful, create precisely targeted audiences, and then empower customers to determine their own next experience by interacting with them in near real-time.

Multivariate Testing

Ease of use and expanded capabilities ensure that marketers will maximize engagement, conversion, and revenue on every customer touch-point.

Rapid Retargeter

Marketers can now re-engage customers in real time to ensure follow through to purchase after customers visit their website.

Your customer has changed, and how you market needs to change accordingly. To increase revenue and optimize efficiency, modern marketing requires fast and connected tools, mobile productivity, insightful and cross-channel marketing. You need more and you need it now.


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