Social Networks under attack

There is no doubt that social networks are more popular than porn. Now this popularity is being cashed by malwares and trojans. Koobface worm is spreading over the Facebook, spamming profile friends by leaving awkward comments with hyperlinks. Clicking on such link may infect you.
Social networks are generally considered safe and secure. I’m sure many people have never even given a thought about this subject.
Facebook has over 100 millions users, adding up other popular networks such as Linkedin, digg and myspace would give a frightening picture of how such worms may affect the residents of the internet. As a developer, I’d say for sure that its not going to be easy for social networks to overcome this situation, not at least soon enough. People usually click links which come through the persons they know.
As Graham Cluley would say,

“A key factor which helps social-networking spam and malware succeed is that people are more prepared to click on a link or message if they believe it is from someone they know. The average person is used to receiving unsolicited e-mails in their regular inbox, but believe messages have more credence when they arrive via Facebook. The message is clear — people need to beware.”

So be aware!

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