New Year’s Resolution – Bringing Customer Experience to Life across Verticals

A New Year’s Resolution is a process that requires practical planning, if ever it needs to get past the wordy decision and achieve successful results. No this blog isn’t about the chestnut resolutions of losing weight or altering lifestyles, but instead a sturdy and holistic approach to A New Year’s Resolution to making the customer experience a successful process! Yes! Let’s move ahead from making one customer experience a memorable one and rise up to turn it into a complete process – a part of customer lifestyle!

The sky’s the limit, or is it? To make a world of customer experience, we need to take it a tad more seriously. Giving the wholesome experience a chance to develop and be executed would be the best way to stick to the resolution. Each and every vertical – be it banking, healthcare, telecom, retail, airlines, tourism, hotels, insurance, education, real estate – can enhance the entire customer journey by integrating seamlessly with closely related and connected industries or systems.
Let’s take a happily married couple for our New Year’s Resolution story. John and Sarah have decided to become homeowners. Instantly, the following verticals come to play: Real Estate, Banks, Insurance, Education, Retail, Telecom, Healthcare and although I don’t want to stop here but I will to reduce complexity (for now!) because eventually it will be quite simple and clear to the reader. Let’s see how the above fit fine.
Real Estate:
Knows the preferences of the couple and suggests suitable properties in the Knowville Neighborhood, probably close to their workplaces and based on their shopping habits.
Banks :
Knows the purchase history, credit card activity, and financial standing and thus offers home loans that are relevant and realistic. Also, offers to suggest realtors that charge a low commission and affordable schools in the area.
Knows the financial standing of Sarah and John and offers Property Insurance, suggests a few cars that can come as a package with the Home insurances and provides choices for premium Health Insurances.
The clinics, hospitals, pharmacy and practitioners all receive information on the shifting of a new family in the neighborhood and instantly update their system with their health records, insurance plans and offers a free checkup or a due vaccination for the kids.
The retail stores in the neighborhood know the shopping history of the couple and so inform them of the running discount offers, and provide updates on the price rates, and running /upcoming events and campaigns. The gym/beauty salons/sports clubs in the area provide the necessary information as well. Even the food outlets all provide updates based on the family\’s choice of food and provide notifications based on their eating-out habits.
The sample listing of schools in the neighborhood provide information regarding fees, curriculum to the couple for ease of choice.
The telecom industry knows the preferences of the family and has already provided them with the best plans for Talk-time, SMS, Facebook, Instagram or streaming of videos. Besides that, it provides location-based suggestions for healthcare facilities, schools, retails stores and more.

In a time where the world is leaning towards becoming a digital village, organizations and systems need to join hands. Everything is connected and this is what will make the customer journey a memorable process. And this is just one story, because the couple might plan for a vacation where the Airline Industry, travel and tourism, hotels and banks will all become active.
So calling all verticals – this New Year, let’s resolve to unite! Have a great year!

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