Ephlux proves to be the partner-of-choice for a US based powered stereo manufacturer!

When a manufacturer of digitally powered stereo speakers in California wanted to revamp their IT and ecommerce strategy to support their growth; Ephlux became their partner of choice.


The customer was experiencing phenomenal growth and was outgrowing their ecommerce solution and other legacy IT applications. Ephlux was contacted through our partner network to conduct an analysis of their immediate and future business needs to devise a technology roadmap.
Ephlux conducted a robust analysis and agreed with the customer an agile roadmap to develop and deploy a new ecommerce solution. Furthermore, Ephlux implemented SOA / web services based integration with their legacy applications. Through multiple iterations, other IT applications were also upgraded with continuous feedback from the various customers’ user-groups.
This iterative agile approach has resulted in an extensible architecture and applications which are now aggressively aligned with the customer’s growth-objectives!


The need was to support the existing ecommerce website while designing from scratch a new ecommerce solution with a completely revamped look n feel. The ongoing upgrades had to be applied to the old website while conducting the analysis and design for the new ecommerce solution.
Another key challenge was to build an overall architecture to seamlessly integrate the ecommerce solution with other legacy IT applications, and at the same time upgrade the legacy applications in phases while maintaining normal operations.
Furthermore a reliable data migration strategy had to be developed between the old and new applications. It had to be ensured that the data is effectively mapped and transferred between the two architectures and the new reports be developed.


After a strong analysis and technology road-map was agreed, Ephlux presented the customer with multiple design concepts for the ecommerce front-end application. After multiple iterations and feedback from the customer, a design concept which best mapped with the customer’s intended brand personality was finalized.
After finalizing the design theme, based on the new SOA based architecture Ephlux Application Services team developed the new ecommerce application while keeping the customer in close loop by releasing frequent intermediate application builds available for customer feedback. The feedbacks were promptly incorporated back in to the application design. Ephlux kept on maintaining the old ecommerce solution to ensure that the normal operations were guaranteed.
Furthermore, Ephlux Deployment Engineers designed the server and network architecture with new dedicated servers which were to host the new ecommerce solution and the new enterprise architecture for other IT applications.
After the application was thoroughly tested and user-accepted, it was moved on to the new server infrastructure for the Beta release. The customer users were taken through effective training program before taking the new application live!
The project resulted in making Ephlux win another customer-for-life!

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