Ephlux built an Augmented Reality App for a customer in LA

Explore places and history using Circa in a revolutionary way.  Use your iPhone or iPad to “ghost” digital images against the location.  Others will simply use the augmented reality technology to find out what you shared.

About Circa Mobile LLC

Circa Mobile LLC has developed patent pending technology that recognizes the view in front of you and loads media based on where you point your iOS Device. What’s revolutionary about this? Before you needed a QR Code or similar pattern, with Circa all you need is the world around you.

What is Circa all about?

This amazing augmented reality app will allow users to “ghost” images and share the location of the ghosted image over social media. Then, anyone can walk around town and see the ghosted images with their mobile devices in an augmented reality viewer. Circa App will filter images you want to see. Circa App will provide navigation for walkers and cyclists and visual cues to get to the images and see them to scale and in context.