Food Company amazed as JD Edwards Enchants AR Statement Reports

Yet again, JD Edwards delivers a solution to a well-known food company – in the line for over a hundred years and second largest company in the world of its kind. When this company needed a tweak to their up and running AR Statement Reports system, Ephlux spelled out a magical solution, in a jiffy!

A Little Background:

Ever since its inception a century ago, this company has been serving to provide innovative, best-in-class products – that topped with the industry’s quality service. The resulting leadership position has attracted retailers and food-service organizations to partner with this company and be part of a promising business.
The Finance Department of such a busy and active organization is kept at its feet as well, but with efficient reports running in the system, much of the work can be eased and makes results worth-the-while. To add to their running AR Statement Reports, the company contacted Ephlux to drizzle the glazing effect of a disclaimer.

The Theme of the Show:

The company had a standard report running successfully in place, but they required some specific modifications to be included – a disclaimer paragraph to go along with the current system user information. Accounts receivable statements are essentially the print, file, email, or fax reports showing amounts owed by the AR account holders. Typically prepared for billing purposes, modules specific to Accounts Receivable provides reports that allow you to quickly see information about customers and their transactions with various sort and filter options. Another addition that is now considered a necessity with the AR statement report is the Auditor’s Report. In business, the users or customers prefer their financial information to be certified by auditors. In order to attract investors, obtain loans, and improve public appearance, this disclaimer has become an essential tool.

Voila! The Magical Solution:

Ephlux fruitfully performed the specific modifications in the standard report and a swift response was observed with the consultant and our client. The company now has a complete reporting system with their required addition of disclaimer paragraph – giving them a certified and trusted badge and Ephlux another content client!