Will the not so “mini” iPad affect the sales of iPad?

Much has been speculated about whether iPad mini will affect the sale of iPad or not. Two schools of thoughts have sprung up one advocating the case whilst the other fighting against it.
Some analysts have forecasted the cannibalization effect on the sales of iPad to be around 15 to 20 percent on average whereas others have forcasted larger percentages.
Those advocating the case are doing so by highlighting how the product has been positioned even somehow linking it to Apple’s strategy of providing apple devices to schools at discounted rates and so on.
As per the news, iPad Mini has been positioned as a device for students by highlighting its educational capabilities. It will serve as an educational assistant to all the students. However is it really a device that is of interest for the students only? Will it not be of interest to the general public who cannot afford iPad? Or it might just do the opposite and compel the users even more to buy the iPad itself ?

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