Why Mobile? Why Now?

The world is mobile. People are on the move. The only question now is, are you going with them?
In the next few years millions of people will be dumping their computers for mobile devices and using them as their primary medium to being online. The potential for business is also scheduled to hit $30 billion by 2016.
You need to have a mobile presence as much as you need a well maintained and user friendly website for your business. In the age where customers demands information from anywhere, you can fall behind if you fail to provide them a way to communicate with your business on the move. No one has time to wait on the phone for your customer rep or physically visit your place of business anymore. You have to be there.
Mobile data usage is growing exponentially in the last few years, as can be seen in the graph. People are more inclined towards using mobile devices to communicate with the world as it gives the freedom to interact with the world from anywhere they like.
Mobile apps are the best way to actually being with your customers and provide for their needs. It shows them that you’re reaching out. Notifications to customers through the app can send useful messages to users such as latest offers or service status information. For example an app for a garage can inform customers when their car is repaired and ready for pick up. A car rental app can help users to easily pick the car of choice based on their specifications directly from mobiles.
Here are a few reasons why mobile apps and websites are best for business:
Smartphones – Everyone’s got one
Smartphones have now replaced desktops and laptops as the primary medium for people to get information. They’re used for personal as well as business interactions. Dedicated mobile apps are the best way to make use of the power of smartphones to help your business grow. Mobile apps can help you reach out to your customers on multiple platforms.
Anywhere, Everywhere
Mobile gives you the luxury of being anywhere and everywhere. Your customers can interact with you no matter where they are.
It can be your virtual booth, a shop that is carried around in your clients’ pockets. This will give you the edge of being there whenever the customer needs you. All he has to do is reach for his smartphone.
Better Search Visibility and Reach
If you have a mobile presence you’re more likely to appear higher on search engines when people are looking for mobile solutions for their problems. This may even give you access to a whole new breed of customers and result in expanding your business reach.
Mobile apps are much more effective in getting you exposure as compared to mobile websites. An good multiplatform application will give further reach than one which is designed for a single platform.
It’s all about Customer Experience
We’ve been hearing a lot about customer experience of late. The fact of the matter is that customers are king. Happy customers lead to a healthy and growing business.
For example, a supermarket can use a mobile website to market and sell groceries. Similarly a mobile app can take this to the next level by capturing customers’ buying habits and the frequency that they shop to make product suggestions through personalized notifications on their smartphones. So if you know a customer buys milk every third day, you can schedule a reminder notification for him to make the purchase through your app.
Your mobile app can be an all inclusive destination to everything related to your business. Mobile websites are good, but to give an awesome user experience you’ll need a dedicated mobile app.
Marketing Revolution
Mobile applications are an ideal marketing tool. You can market your products in a number of ways. Location based promotional offers can be made through GPS tracking. Loyalty programs can be extended through the app to longstanding customers.
Pocket the Revenue from Increased Sales
A mobile platform can also perform as a mobile shop for your business. You can offer people to buy your products or get services right from their mobile devices. This will lead to a whole new branch of revenue generated for your business.
Mobile App or Mobile Website
There are certain similarities as well as differences when it comes to mobile apps and mobile websites. Here’s a look at how they stack up when key factors to consider their value are matched up.
Easy to use and customer friendly mobile presence can be a win-win situation for your business. Ephlux has experience with a wide range of customers in developing mobile apps as well as mobile websites. We’re working to provide mobile applications and websites tailored to your needs to help you grow your business. Customers can find information and new ways to reach you. You can increase your market share by actually occupying space in the pockets of millions of people. So which one do you prefer, mobile apps or a mobile website?

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