When Customers Call The Shot

“The customer is always right”, the phrase holds more meaning now than when it first originated in the early 20th century. They’re right, and they know what they want. If they don’t get it, don’t expect them to stick around until you get your act together. Today’s consumer wants the same online experience whether he’s at his office desk, relaxing in his living room or walking down the street with his smartphone. If he finds one thing sitting on his desktop and another on a mobile device then he’s bound to be irritated and we don’t want that, do we?
It even holds true that the modern day customer will be willing to pay a premium for a better experience. Here lies the key for businesses. Give the customer what he wants, anticipate his desires and you’ll be where his loyalties lie. Ignore what people need and be stubborn with your marketing approach and they’ll switch teams before you know it. Even the most loyal customer won’t wait for you to catch up with times.
This gives rise to several questions.

  • How can we deliver the ultimate end user experience?
  • What are the tools that will do the job?
  • What are the processes involved to give the customer a uniform face of our business regardless of where he is?

At Oracle OpenWorld (OOW) ’13, these questions look to be answered in some detail. Oracle experts David Vap and Reggie Bradford, Tesco CIO Mike McNamara and CMO Matt Atkinson, as well as LEGO Group’s Director of Social Media Lars Silberbauer are set to discuss how companies can fully make use of opportunities in customer interactions, with a set of superb customer experience and social relationship management applications that enables them to deliver a user experience that hits all the right notes. Enabling you to carry out research before placing orders and allowing you social insights into customer trends, keeping you updated with their purchasing habits, the services they most require and the add-ons they’re most likely to go for.
Integration across social websites and applications on a range of devices will enable your business to deliver an experience to customers that will raise your brand to new heights. So remember, a customer who’s happy is a customer who’ll come back for more business.
We at Ephlux, offer agile and innovative integration solutions that will make your current systems and practices, or any upgrades that you may need, to work seamlessly with all the mobile and social needs that your business may require to keep customers pleased. Catch us at OOW ’13 and let’s work together to deliver a customer experience that is just WOW!

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