What Social Bookmarking Is And How It Benefits Webmasters

social_bookmarkingThere are billions of pages on the internet, containing tons and tons of information. All search engines index pages on the internet and try to return relevant results to the user against any keyword being searched. But they may or may not provide relevant results.
More than that, a relevant result found during searching may not appear in search results when you perform a similar search again. If you want to find a page you visited previously, searching for it can become a tedious task. You might have to search again and again and this can cause a severe headache, if not more.
One workaround is to bookmark these pages in your browser.
The second, and much better technique, is bookmarking websites.
Websites like these allow you to create an account and submit links to pages you want to bookmark. These links are submitted with ‘tags’ that will return the required pages when searched for. Moreover, you can share these links with your friends. Which adds a social factor to this technique.
Hence, social bookmarking!
Social bookmarking websites allow you to submit links that you like over the internet. These links are added to the website’s database and can be seen in your profile. Moreover, other users can see your links as well and if they find them useful, they can help in promoting them by some specific mechanism provided by that site.
Usually, the frequency of your link being shown to people is dependent on how many people have already promoted it in the first place. And the higher the frequency, the more the chances of other people liking it. So, all in all, it’s sort of a feedback mechanism. But that is not all. Links that fail to catch eyes or are not liked by other people can get demoted too and they disappear in no time, appearing only on your profile.
Social bookmarking is seen as a marketing tool by many. People submit links to these sites in hopes that it will generate traffic for them. But this hardly works out. Why?
Because they ignore the ‘social’ factor in social bookmarking.
Submitting links to such sites is not enough. You have to go out there and return the favor. You like other people’s submissions and in turn, they like yours. It’s the ‘You scratch my back, I scratch yours’ philosophy in action.
Plus, you can make friends and invite other people to join too. When submitting a link, you can ask them for favors but keep in mind that asking calls for returning too. And believe me, visiting other people’s stuff is a lot of fun too.
Commenting on other people’s submissions brings you in the limelight and makes people peek at your stuff. This is another way of getting them to notice your submissions.
Social bookmarking is a great way to organize stuff you like in a single place and for generating traffic to your own domain. But you have to learn to abide by the requirements of the word ‘social’, if you really want to be noticed.
Otherwise, you are just another submitter and your link is just another page.
Some popular social bookmarking sites:

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