Ephlux web 2.0–enabled a Saudi based bi-lingual Business Process Automation product

When a Jeddah based IT Company wanted web 2.0 – enabled business automation product – Ephlux provided the solution!



The company wanted to fully revamp the ‘look n feel’ and ‘user-experience’ of their sophisticated Business Process Automation product by implementing state-of-the-art web 2.0 design and usability features. Based on an effective analysis of the design and usability of various user-interfaces of the product, Ephlux devised and executed a slick and effective approach to implement latest web 2.0 standards in to the application.
Ephlux kept the customer in close coordination throughout the project which resulted in a superior quality of the end-product and a strong customer relationship.

The challenge was to reverse-engineer the various complex use-cases of the sophisticated application based on an undocumented source-code before any further development could take place.
The product was bi-lingual providing support for Arabic and English. Therefore another key challenge was to come up with a strong web 2.0 design which could be equally relevant in both the languages and more importantly orientation. (Arabic is read from Right-to-Left as opposed to English which is Left-to-Right.


After the business domain was gathered through a reverse-engineering exercise, multiple design themes were made. Based on detailed brainstorming sessions with the client a design theme was finalized which provided a powerful impact in both the languages.
After finalizing the design theme, Ephlux team formulated the standard user-interface libraries. Each user-interface component in the library was then transformed in to web2.0 equivalent based on design and usability features.
After the reusable component libraries were programmed and unit-tested, they were carefully implemented in the application one-by-one throughout the various web-pages by replacing the obsolete user-interface controls with the new ones.
A strong quality assurance was conducted throughout the project lifecycle.
The project was delivered within time and budget and it made Ephlux win yet another ‘customer-for-life’. Ephlux and the customer plan to enter in to a Joint Marketing partnership for this flag-ship business process automation product in the Middle East, US and UK markets.

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