Walton – Oracle Service Cloud Implementation and Integration with Oracle ERP, OPA Cloud

Walton Group – A Leading Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing company, with the help of Ephlux, transformed its Customer Experience with integrated online, contact center, and field service solutions.

Walton is a conglomerate based in Kaliakair, Bangladesh. It comprises numerous subsidiaries and affiliated businesses, most of them united under the Walton brand. The subsidiaries include Walton Motors, Walton Mobile, Walton Electronics and Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited.

Walton is a multinational electrical, electronics, automobiles and other appliances brand with one of the largest well equipped RnD facilities in the world carried out its production through different subsidiaries under the banner of Walton group headquarters in Bangladesh. Today, Walton has a workforce of more than 20,000+ in total 22 production bases under 680+ acres of factory area.


To enhance the ever increasing standards of its customer servicing activities of its 8 million+ customers both online and in-store service centers, Walton needed a robust CRM and warranty management solution to make sure the level of their customer service activities is way above industry average.

As part of country’s biggest cloud based implementation of its time, encompassing various solutions like Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle OPA Cloud, Oracle e-Business Suite and Oracle accounting solutions, the resulting implementation was bound to be a multi-partner implementation and Walton needed an experienced partner who could connect all the blocks in a unified CRM to provide a single point access to Walton’s in-store and online customer service agents, maintenance department and top management to perform their daily activities in a robust fashion.

Walton also needed to depreciate its legacy warranty system and bring in over 20 million+ warranty records of its 8 million+ customers to the cloud for better access of information to its service agents and maintenance department.


Ephlux acted as the anchor for this multi-partner implementation from CX’s standpoint and ensured all the involved partners are collaboratively working with a common goal of achieving excellence. Leveraging its years of experience with Oracle Service Cloud.

In addition to standard over the phone customer service solution, Ephlux configured the Oracle Service Cloud to work in unchartered territories i.e. in-store service center help desks.

The CRM was also configured as a warranty solution on top of Oracle Service Cloud’s standard and custom objects. The implemented solution was coupled with a knowledge portal for Walton customer service agents to provide unified and standardized support to Walton’s customers.

The resulting Oracle Service Cloud based CRM solution was also connected with CTI and IVR solutions to find the right agent for the right needs to improve the overall customer satisfaction and improved TAT of customer needs.

Integrated in real time with the e-Business Suite based maintenance system, the CRM was able to provide up to the minute status of warranty claims to Walton’s customers through self service portal and customer service agents through the agent desktop console.

Oracle Policy Automation based OPA was leveraged to assess various warranty assessment scenarios of Walton product lines and helped determine the warranty status of Walton customer service representatives and its customers through the agent console and self service portals respectively.

Functional Overview

  • Oracle Service Cloud CRM implementation
  • Customer Self Service, tickets and warranties tracking portal
  • Internal knowledge portal for customer service agents
  • Warranty system implementation
  • Legacy warranty system data import
  • Real-time warranty status of the products using Oracle Policy Automation
  • Real-time integration with E-Business Suite based maintenance solution for real-time tracking of in-progress maintenance activities and customer updates
  • In-store service desk to facilitate in-store customer service needs
  • CTI and IVR integration
  • Service tracking dashboards for call center teams and top management.

Technical Overview

  • Oracle Service Cloud agent desktop implementation
  • Oracle Service Cloud customer portal implementation and customized widgets
  • Oracle Service Cloud custom process implementation
  • Customized warranty management solution on top of standard and custom objects in Oracle Service Cloud environment and Oracle Policy Automation
  • Integration with CISCO based CTI platform
  • Custom REST API endpoints for e-Business Suite integration

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