UK Based Blinds Retailer Trusts Ephlux for Results

When the Blinds Retailer wished to upgrade the existing system and integrate with a customized ecommerce platform, Ephlux provided a smart solution that gained their trust.

Sunnyday Blinds, based in St Albans, has been successfully trading in window blinds for the past 18 years and are known to be reliable, offering prompt and personal services. Specializing in designing and retailing off-the-shelf as well as custom blinds, made to the highest standards and sold at great prices.
To stay ahead in the game, and keep technological advancements close, Sunnyday Blinds Ltd., wished to have a new ecommerce platform that integrated seamlessly with their existing website.
The Blind Test
The ecommerce platform was to be designed with a custom-pricing component for made-to-measure blinds and the foremost challenge was to design and develop an impeccably integrated solution to their existing system. This meant a safe application upgrade, with a smartly planned-out and reliable strategy for data mapping and data migration. The pre-existing data needed to be unaltered, and at the same time mapped accurately during the upgrade.
Firstly, the existing website had to be upgraded to meet the client’s requirement. Also, the solution was required to be robust and scalable enough to support future upgrades and development of the site. Additionally, the contemporary ecommerce store that Ephlux had to design should allow offering of custom-pricing and customizing made-to-measure blinds, besides the regular offers at the website.
Let the Light in through the Blinds
Ephlux performed an in-depth analysis to:
• understand and implement new requirements
• study the existing application, data mapping and migration models, and transformations involved
• chalk out the known and probable constraints
With frequent feedback from the client, the front-end design was first finalized. Then, the steps were taken for the development of the ecommerce component, simultaneously upgrading the existing application. To ensure a successful upgrade, efficient mapping of data and real-time functionality validation, the client was constantly kept onboard with a time-efficient feedback/reporting mechanism.
Simultaneously, the development of the new customized application was being accomplished. By testing (validating and verifying) the integration of the ecommerce component with the existing modules, Ephlux ensured an error-free winning solution.
The Sunny Side Up!
The smart move of going back and forth to validate, confirm and implement the requirements in an iterative cycle to keep the client’s say integral paid off. The final solution went live with no hindrances! By upgrading a prevalent application and integrating a whole new world of ecommerce experience for the client, Ephlux has managed, yet again, to win the client’s heart – and enjoys a relationship that is anything but blind!