Top 6 Ways to Hire Competent Resources Faster

Making the right resource available at the right time is an important HR activity. Usually HR is given the task to make the resources available within a specified time which is sometimes difficult because at times required resources are hard to come by therefore the hiring process can sometimes be time consuming.Effective Hiring
Therefore, in order to be precise and make the right selection at the right time, an assessment of the job requirement is usually done. For e.g. level of required skills set, experience, motivation etc in the form of job description and specification is formulated by HR along with the respective department head before posting an add. This practice is generally followed by most of the companies. Therefore, in order to avoid hiring mistakes, companies should first complete their groundwork to achieve positive results.
My question is, what top 6 ways would you suggest in order to hire competent resources faster and at a lower cost?


  • Eric Saint-Guillain

    – Describe with precision the function, the tasks and responsibilities of the function, in order to receive the application from people having matching expectation with the proposed function.
    – Have a mid and long term plan of career evolution in the company and clear objectives. As Peter Drucker was saying, when you want to make management by objective, people have to know what are their objectives.
    – Make a list of the essential skills and competences needed, and the one which can be acquired during a trial period. Some jobs requirements ask for unrealistic range of skills. Detect what is the potential and the motivation of candidates to acquire new skills and competences.
    – Check if they worked in a similar environment. People who worked in small structures and had range of tasks and responsibilities, will not be pleased to work in a bigger structure where the responsibilities will be more limited.
    – Have an attractive incentive plan. Remuneration is important, but also training plan. People want to learn because they are aware it is essential to acquire new competences to face new challenges in the future. Training is a added value for the employees as for the company.
    – Take also the option to work with freelance for specific projects or assignment. They have specific expertises and have more flexibility. To develop and maintain relationship with them on a long term basis is an interesting option. By working with them, they acquire also a knowledge of your business and can bring solutions in a faster way too.

  • Cheryl Roshak

    That’s a tricky question, Salima, because it really depends on finding the right candidates and their availability at the moment. I don’t think there is anyway around in depth recruiting and interviewing.
    As a recruiter, as you mention, it is absolutely necessary to understand the position in breadth and depth, know the company culture and how this position fits in to greater scheme of the department. We have a database of thousands of candidates but that doesn’t always mean we always have the inventory that is appropriate for each position, so we search, advertise, call contacts and network. That is what a recruiter does best and having the reputation we do, we attract very good candidates because we have excellent clients and jobs. But there’s no skipping any of the steps. I would never send in a resume without having interviewed the candidate myself to see if he or she is who they say they are and is appropriate for my client.
    My client also needs to see various candidates to make the best qualified decision based on the talent available at the time. This all takes time. I don’t think you can eliminate the personal human aspect of recruiting, not matter how much they try to computerize resume searches by key words and the like. It just doesn’t work in my opinion. You waste more time with inappropriate candidates than good ones.
    So I don’t know if I’ve really answered your question or not, but these are my opinions on the whole matter,whether you are in HR serving your company’s needs or in recruiting, working with HR. It’s a team effort.

  • Ramesh Kumar

    I am not an HR guy. I could get only 5 🙁
    1. Referral – ask the employees to refer
    2. Search Social networking site/ Technical Forums
    3. Look for people in competing company/similar work
    4. Check presentations/blogs
    5. Check if ex-employees are willing to come back
    The Human Search Engine

  • Dan Sobel

    I’m not sure where you are, but right now, there is a 9+% Unemployment Rate in the United States and about 12.5% in California. There is NO shortage of Resources.
    As for getting them at the right time, well it comes under the 7 “P”s of Project Management “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pretty Poor Performance” (ok, so I cleaned it up for LinkedIn).
    Yea, it takes time to “Onboard” a new resource. So what. Do you know how much time it takes to launch the Space Shuttle? There are THOUSANDS of tasks that must be checked and completed before launch. Figure out WHEN you need them, then back off the time it will take to accomplish the task (then back off some more for whatever you forgot).
    From an Applicant point of view, just don’t screw us over.
    1. I’m highly impressed at your company vision, however, it has nothing to do with my job. Put it on the bottom, or link me to your website.
    2. Let me know REQUIREMENTS (requirements are MUST haves, if I don’t have ALL of them, i’m not going to bother applying), and “nice to have”.
    3. Provide a SIMPLE way to apply for the job. Have you ever TRIED your website?
    4. Do not make me LIE to get though your website. I graduated high school a long time ago, I can give you the Month and Year, but day?
    5. Do I REALLY need to create a LOGIN to use your web site? Really? My favorite sites now bring down a box that says
    First Name
    Last Name
    and a Box to Attach my resume.
    6. Post your job on Dice and Craig’s List. Use a STANDARD Job Description and if you want to make points, have someone READ it first.

  • Guy Battaglia

    I don’t know if I would use the same 6 styles to hire the same and or different types of resources.
    Securing vendors and contracts.
    Establishing review protocols.
    Prescribed Review Protocols
    Consensus on profiles
    Background verification
    Drug testing on site…

  • Evien Tjabbes

    Part of the solution together with many other methods mentioned is keeping track of applicants you interviewed in the past and had the potential for the job, but were not up to it entirely yet. As you hav e seen them before you know most of the information you need already, so you only have to check for the essential: have they developed in a way so they can now fullfill the vacancy at hand and are they interested?

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