Takes more than luck to win at Caesars

When the world’s most royal hotel, housing celebrities and hosting mega events, wished to have a mobile website in order to be readily available to its guests and customers, Ephlux listened and granted their wishes – not just 3, but 40 websites!

Royally Charming: Caesars Palace allures the big shots

Nothing in the world compares to the luxury hotel located on the Las Vegas Strip in literally ‘Paradise’, Nevada – the Caesars Palace. A name that evokes thoughts of royalty and has its own atmosphere of grandeur about it is a place worth the visit – and a stay would be royally magical. Owned and operated by the Caesars Entertainment Corporation, many companies have been employed to build the hotel – enhancing the Roman landscapes that it presents and bringing to life the water fountains that become the stages for various events. Adding to the grandness of the hotel are its six distinguished towers with their ever-daunting imperial names like Augustus, Centurion, Roman, Palace, Octavius and Forum. Earning Forbes stars for its restaurants and hotels, Caesars Palace has housed many celebrities, become the set for many movies and hosted the most widely respected and successful performers in music history.

The Feather in Caesar’s Wreath: Mobile Websites

Caesars Palace had it all- the paparazzi, the glamour, the attraction and the groove, all it needed was a mobile website to be closer to its guests all the time. People want everything on-the-go now, and all information, reservations and bookings need to be simple and readily available 24/7. When more than half of the population have smart phones and mobile devices – the need for a mobile website is an essential part of a corporation now. A fully-functional mobile website, that sees no bounds of the ‘type’ of mobile software being used – be it iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry- would be a charmer that is smart and cost –effective.

The Victor: Ephlux wins the show

To accomplish something vital for a grand corporation, what really count are experience, agility and excellence in all aspects and so Caesars met Ephlux – a royal meeting that set the task of creating mobile websites for all of Caesars Entertainment properties. To develop and maintain Caesars Palace mobile website, along with 40 other hotel websites is not a simple task and that too at God-speed.
Ephlux was at it already as they quickly created and developed a fully functional mobile site and worked in coordination with the Adobe Consulting team using Adobe’s Java-based Enterprise-level content management platform called Adobe Experience Manager (formerly Adobe CQ). This would ensure a user-friendly interface for the users and guests at the front-end. Integrating the website with a smart content management platform meant hard work and intelligence at the back-end. Digital assets, templates, historical data, content in a scalable and robust tree structure were stored in the system and these were customized according to the site’s requirement. Ephlux has successfully developed Caesars Palace mobile site – all with its own flair, appeal and character!