Swift Workshop in Noida/Delhi - June 2024

Get ready for our Swift Workshop!

Our workshop is designed to be engaging and interactive, perfect for beginners and experts alike. Located conveniently in Noida/Delhi, it’s easy to access and promises a warm welcome to all participants.

During the workshop, you’ll learn how to create innovative mobile, scanner, and web apps that seamlessly integrate with JD Edwards, third-party apps, and databases. 

No matter your background, whether you’re a business analyst, power user, CNC, or System Administrator, we’ve got you covered.

Our instructors will guide you from design to launch. Plus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, share ideas, and connect with fellow learners.

You will be eligible for Swift Functional Consultant and Swift Admin Consultant Certificates

Training Overview

In this comprehensive Swift Workshop, we’ll guide you through every aspect of Swift app development!

Functional – Explore the fundamental functionalities of Swift, including Swift JD Edwards Channel, Swift Dashboard, and Swift JD Edwards Forms. Dive into JD Edwards Find/Browse Forms & Search Filter Designer, View Cards, Header Actions, Map Row Actions, and more. Gain expertise in JD Edwards View/Action Forms and learn the art of mapping between JDE Find/Browse Form and View/Action Form. Unlock the power of Swift JD Edwards Entry Form and leverage advanced Swift Components like e-signature, Tags, Camera Controls, Barcode/QR code scanners, and more. Enhance your app’s functionality with Offline Capability features.

Technical – Delve Deeper into Swift with technical training sessions. Master JD Edwards Orchestration Forms and JD Edwards Custom Forms, based on REST and DB Channels.

Administration – Learn to create Custom Components and handle key Administration tasks such as setting up REST Channels, DB Channels, User Management, Swift Portal & Swift Apps Branding, and Announcements. Ensure seamless integration with Mobile Device Enablement features.

Date: Jun 13th, 2024
Time: 11 a.m IST

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