What's new in Swift Release 23 in July?

“We are thrilled to present the latest release notes for the month of July, 2023. In this update, we bring you a range of exciting features designed to enhance user experiences and streamline your app design process.”

Read on to discover the highlights of this release and unlock new possibilities for your app development journey.

Swift with ChatGPT and JD Edwards E 1

With this release, users are now poised to unlock a new era of app development excellence.

Customize the Swift ChatGPT component effortlessly to retrieve metadata from JD Edwards E1 resources. But that’s not all. Meet the ChatGPT Query Builder, empowering Business Analysts and App Designers to create dynamic, parameterized queries. Deliver fully customizable insights based on E1 metadata in real-time, enhancing decision-making and creating a seamless user experience. 

Elevate the productivity of your app with the game-changing Swift ChatGPT component. Effortlessly manage tasks with a simple tap. Set up custom prompts in the Swift Designer, such as “Is {currency} {amount} cheap or expensive for buying {item} {model_no}(year)?” and instantly retrieve real-time data from JD Edwards E1 forms.

Here are two examples of how the Swift ChatGPT component can enhance the productivity of your app:

Release Held Orders: When using the Swift ChatGPT component to release held orders, it can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on the customer’s credit limit and invoicing history. Such as, if a user sets up a custom question like “Should I release held orders for customer {customer_name}?”, the component can analyze the customer’s credit information and invoicing records from JD Edwards E1 forms. 

If the customer is already significantly over their credit limit and has a large invoicing history, it advises against releasing the orders as it may not be a responsible decision.

PO Approval: When using the Swift ChatGPT component for PO approval, it can provide insights based on the specific item being purchased.

For instance, if the user asks about a bicycle priced at USD 67.77, the Swift ChatGPT component may respond with “It depends on what kind of bicycle it is. In general, USD 67.77 is a relatively low price for a bicycle, so it may be a good deal if the bicycle is in good condition”.

Stay informed with task summaries, statuses, and team assignments. Harness the intuitive power of Swift ChatGPT to make smarter decisions and enhance your app experience like never before.

Advanced Features on the Editable Grid

This game-changing update empowers you to unlock the full potential of your data management with unprecedented flexibility and control.

Let’s dive into the remarkable capabilities this feature offers

Enable Search with Static and Dynamic Data Sources:

With our Editable Grid feature, you can now enable a powerful search functionality within your app. Whether you want to search through static data you’ve created or tap into dynamic data from external sources, this feature has got you covered. It seamlessly integrates with your chosen data sources, allowing you to quickly access the information you need at your fingertips.

Define Column Data Types:

Data comes in various forms, and your app should adapt accordingly. Our Editable Grid empowers you to define data types for each column effortlessly. Whether it’s numbers, text, dates, etc., you have the freedom to choose the perfect data type to suit your specific requirements.

Customize Data Formats:

Tailor the presentation of your data to align with your unique preferences. When selecting a data type, our Editable Grid presents you with a range of formatting options.

This allows you to fine-tune the appearance of your data, ensuring it’s presented in a visually appealing and meaningful way.

Set Column Widths:

The Editable Grid feature also lets you take control of the column widths within your app. Customize them to be long or short, optimizing the display to maximize usability and streamline data entry.

Streamline Database Searches with Enable Search:

Searching for specific information has never been easier. By enabling the search functionality, your end users gain access to a convenient magnifying glass icon within your app.

When combined with the power of mapping data as per JDE (JD Edwards), they can swiftly search through your database. This ensures that users can effortlessly retrieve the information they’re looking for, improving overall efficiency and user satisfaction.

To access these advanced features, simply mark the editable attribute tick in your app’s attributes. Once enabled, the magic happens! Click on the “Edit Grid Fields” option, and a new screen will open, presenting you with a wealth of customization options for your grids.

App Stack for Entry From

We understand that navigating through multiple forms can be time-consuming and inconvenient. So, with Appstack, users are now able to effortlessly transition from one form to the next.

By simply clicking the next button, you’ll be swiftly guided through a series of forms, saving you valuable time and effort.

Actions on Card

With this release, users are now able to enjoy a seamless and enhanced experience like never before. The new feature “Show On Card” is now available in Map Row Actions. By enabling this feature the Action should be available in the card at the end user app. Previously, this feature was limited to swipe gestures, but we have taken it a step further to ensure effortless accessibility within the card interface itself.

Introducing Advanced Data Protection and Encrypted Environments

With this release, users are now empowered with advanced data protection and encrypted environments, setting new standards for app development security.

But we didn’t stop there. As part of this release, we’ve gone the extra mile to encrypt the environments of all accounts and servers. This means that every internal transaction is shielded, and your environment files are fully encrypted and secured, adding an extra level of protection to your app development workflow.
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with end-to-end encryption, ensuring the utmost security for your data throughout its entire journey within our platform.

Interactive Role Charts for Admins and BAs

With this release, users are now empowered with enhanced visualization capabilities through the incorporation of interactive charts in the JDE roles section. Admins and BAs can now gain valuable insights into role data with greater ease and efficiency.

This powerful feature allows admins and BAs to access comprehensive visualizations of JDE roles data with a single click. Gain a better understanding of the number of users assigned to each role and visualize the distribution of applications across specific roles.

Alongside the interactive charts, we offer the ability to download the data for further analysis and collaboration.

Enhanced Dashboard Functionality with Header and Footer Actions

With this release, users are now empowered with enhanced functionality on dashboards through the addition of header and footer actions.

Users can now streamline your workflow and access key functionalities directly from your dashboard. Perform specific actions, navigate to related forms, and execute custom operations seamlessly, all within the dashboard interface.

Seamless iPadPro Experience with Responsive UI in Swift

With this release, users are now able to enjoy a seamlessly responsive user interface on iPadPro with Swift.

Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to a smooth and intuitive workflow. Swift dynamically adapts to the screen size and capabilities of the iPadPro, ensuring a flawless user experience. Whether you’re creating, editing, or managing projects, Swift provides optimal performance and responsiveness.

With a responsive UI, you can seamlessly transition between devices and focus on bringing your ideas to life with ease.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new features introduced in this release. At Ephlux, we are committed to continuous innovation and providing you with the tools you need to succeed in the fast-paced world of app development.

Stay tuned for more updates, as we continue to evolve and bring you even more groundbreaking features!

The ability to create “disposable” experimental processes and apps opens up the untapped potential of the enterprise to address business problems with an unprecedented agility and positive innovation energy.

How Swift provides the game-changing capability?

Most low-code, no-code platforms evolved as the next-phase of the original development tools, built a decade or two ago, and still follow the same development mindset in their DNA. Although they’ve tried their best to make them easy for the business analysts and the users, majority have fallen short.

To bring about the real paradigm shift and benefits of a low-code/no-code platform, a grounds-up rethinking was required to work at a meta-data level, and incorporate at the core of the architecture, the latest and greatest advancements in web and mobile technologies, integration, security, analytics and cloud-based server frameworks. 


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