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Create JDE Orchestration Find/Browse Form

Login to Swift App Design Studio

Login in to the App Design Studio using your Swift admin account:


Select the Swift Application

Click the Application you want to create a new Orchestration Find/Browse Form for:

Create a new Orchestration Find/Browse Form

Scroll down to the JDE Orchestration Form section.

Click the create icon to create a new Orchestration Find/Browse Form


  1. Enter the name of the new Orchestration Form.
  2. Select the underlying JD Edwards Orchestration from the drop-down. This contains all the JD Edwards Orchestration that you’ve in your JD Edwards instance.
  3. Click Submit

This will create a new Orchestration Find/Browse based on the selected JD Edwards Orchestration.


Orchestration Find/Browse Form Designer

Click on the newly created Orchestration Find/Browse Form title. This will open up the Find/Browse Form Designer.

The Designer consists of:

Search Criteria Designer

Select the Fields you want to add in the Search Box for this Form:


Select the Cache settings.

Grid Designer

Select the Fields  you want to show on the grid.

View Page Mapper

Map the Grid fields with the View/Action Form.


Save the Settings and your Find/Browse Form is now ready to be used in the End User App.



Next Steps: