Create Swift Dashboard

Login to Swift App Design Studio

Login into the App Design Studio using your Swift admin account:

Create new Swift Application

Click the Application you want to create the new Dashboard for. This will open up the App Designer

Create New Dashboard

Click the  button to create a new Dashboard and type the name of your choice

Dashboard widgets

5 different widgets are available for configuration to be shown in the end-user app.

Drag and drop one of the widget and press the configuration button

1.Fill the Header and the Text fields for Placeholder

  1. Choose the widget color from the Color dropdown
  2. Fill the Embedded Code Field to show the custom widget from JDE or 3rd party in the End User App
  3. Select the form and the Form Field you want your widget to show
  4. Press the Close button to save the settings


Log on to the End User App and you can see your created Widgets there.