Success and Money

Success is a very important word in life since we are all determined to achieve it. The meaning of success is different for everyone; it varies from person to person, what one is searching for in life. For e.g., for some people, doing work they get pleasure from is more important than to earn ‘more money’. Success requires passion, determination and wisdom to achieve desired results. Success and Money
By and large in the social and organizational context, success is measured or associated with wealth/money, for example – the more you earn, the more successful you will be considered. Generally, the motivational idea behind this is, the better you perform/achieve, the more you get (monetary benefits). The premise for this concept might be that everyone is working day in and day out to achieve certain objectives and once they are attained, the best reward for their efforts/contributions is normally considered monetary benefits.
Success in life means money – kindly share your opinions, for or against. Furthermore, what is the meaning of success in your life and how do you evaluate it?


  • Babar Ahmed

    Frankly speaking in my point of view that success is having two things: a little more free time than you know what to do with and a little more money than you know what to do with, money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there, the way to learn to do things is to do things. The way to learn a trade is to work at it. Success teaches how to succeed. Begin with the determination to succeed, and the work is half done already.
    The goals you set for yourself and the strategies you choose become your blueprint or plan. Strategies are like recipes: choose the right ingredients, mix them in the correct proportions, and you will always produce the same predictable results: in this case financial success. The success strategies for managing money and building wealth are called Money Strategies. By learning to use money strategies as a part of your day-to-day life, financial frustration and failure will become a thing of the past
    Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value because Success is that old ABC — ability, breaks, and courage. And finally, we measured our success not just by how much money we made, but by how much we contributed to the community. It was a two-part bottom line.
    May be you’ ve just conflict with my text but I said reality with positive approach.

  • Monetary growth is definetly essential in current times but success cannot be related to money alone. In my personal experience I have met so many people who are rich but yet there is some void or emptiness in them. That emptiness can only be filled if they are helpful to people in the society, take up social causes and work for them. Like they say happiness is a state of mind, success to is one of them. As you have mentioned that success means different things to different people, you can say success is a state of mind!!! That doesnt mean one should shun monetary growth, both must move hand in hand as charity cannot happen from an empty bowl

  • Salima,
    Just imagine for a second; something that you’re extremely passionate about; becomes your career; how happy you will be ? You don’t have to work a day in your life.
    Just imagine another second; someone with whom you’re passionately in love with; becomes your life partner; how happy you will be ? You’re never a moment lonely in life.
    I think success is not the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success; because success has made failures of many men.
    For me, well, there’s only one success; to be able to spend my life in my own way; what more do you need ?
    And my road to success is still under construction; yes, am closer today than I was yesterday.

  • It depends upon which stage of Maslow’s hierarchy I am standing on. After 2nd satge, I guess money becomes less important (to measure success). For 1st two stages, success is directly proportional to money.

  • Hi Salima
    Unfortunately, the majority of the people link success with money or materialistic things, or fame.
    Personally even if I say I am successful, the world would still want to see my financial condition to confirm to themselves.
    An ordinary person living a very simple and yet a happy life, is not news. A rich or famous person leading a simple life is news.
    A person who contributes a few million $, is in the news, where that amount would have been just 0.1% of their income. On the other hand, there are lots and lots of unsung heroes who have spent their entire earnings to help a cause. They are happy.They are not in the news because – the amount spent would have been just a couple of $.
    If you combine money and success, and frame a question, the answers will have the money tangled in it. I need the money to give it away and be happy. I need the money to find peace and relaxation, I don’t need the money, but if I can provide it for my family I would say I am successful…………… and so on.
    If you take ‘success’ separately and ask –
    I would say it is happiness for yourself, and for the others related with or surrounding you.
    Success is something which you target and achieve (good targets), and not something which you win in a lottery or inherit. And, when you achieve it ethically and in a fair manner.
    Success requires passion and determination, mentioned by you, and contentment on achieving the desired results.
    Success is competing with yourself, and bettering your own records and achievements.
    Success is not when you sleep peacefully and happily in the night. It is rather when others who are attached with you sleep peacefully and happily in the night, with the comforting thoughts that you are around.
    Success is not when you lead a team of brainy guys, who you were lucky to get, but it is when those working under you feel safe and happy working with you as their leader.
    Again unfortunately what you would call as success, the world would not accept it .
    We don’t want to “feel” success, we want to see and hear it.

  • Salima, there is a lot to your question. I am extremely interested in how people respond.
    For me, success is accomplished through leading by example. Living a life filled with doing good, helping people and having to explore the beauty that life has to offer is success. It is not measure by dollars and cents and most certainly should not be viewed in comparison to others. Each day brings with it a unique set of challenges. How one handles those challenges in important. Lastly, success should not be measured by wins and losses. Instead, success is measured by effort.
    Have a terrific day!

  • Liesbeth Leysen

    dear Salima,
    1 “Success in life means money, for or against”.
    This statement can not be answered by yes or by no. Success in life can be related to money, but not necessarily. Of course you cannot deny that people talented in sales, will gain a lot of money. That’s a form of success. But think of role models (recently in the news: father Damiaan), people who are involved in humanitarian work, they helped many others and that’s being successful too.
    2 what is the meaning of success in your life and how do you evaluate it?
    For me success in life means having the courage to realise your dreams, and helping others in achieving their goals too. The most important thing in life is a good health. Many times I have heard the expression “I do not need all the money I have, if I only could have a good health again.”
    best regards,

  • I do not think that success in life means money.
    The meaning of success in my life means how I can share my information.
    After I looked many TV new channels, I wanted to share with somebody.
    In order to provide good statements of what happened in this world, I have to come out some good analysis of the problems we face today in Middle East, South Asia, Europe, Africa and many parts of the world.
    If people learn something from me, this is what I mean success in my life.
    In contrast, I think that success is evaluated by someone or somebody.
    I glad to become part of this social media network.

  • Success in life means money – kindly share your opinions, for or against. – For sure, AGAINST. For a simple reason that one may be a multi-millionaire but may not be successful in anything he takes up. And on the other hand, someone could be just too good with success in anything he takes up but may not be lucky with finance or money.

  • Success is certainly not measured in money. in my opinion. Money is a necessary means to purchase the necessities of life because few of us grow our food, make our clothes, build our houses and furniture, etc. Once we have satisfied the basic safety, security, food, shelter, and health needs, more things may only bring more trouble. In the US, auctions and yard sales abound because people tire of unnecessary possessions.
    I think it was Steven Covey who said that one should live, love, learn, and leave a legacy. Success to me is how well I love my family and others, how well I make a difference by being a servant leader, how well I practice my faith, how well I appreciate and care for the gifts of nature, and how well I learn and share what I learn with others. I have made money because it is necessary, but I evaluate success through the positive effects on other people.

  • For me, success is not necessary linked to earn more money.
    Of course, you need to earn money to have your home, to buy food, and time to time to take medecine, but money is not the only one success factor. I remember when I worked few months for an instutition where I had a good salary. The problem was that I had not a lot to do, and the few tasks I had to do, did not represent any added value in terms of knowledge, personal and professional development. I had other jobs after with lower salary compare to the level of responsability, but what I learned during these experiences represented a “raw material” for the future opportunities and assignment.
    Of course, each of us had been happy when we received a salary increase, but for how many times ?
    You reach success when you believe what you are doing, when you develop talents to go from competence to excellence. If you are convinced by what you are doing, you will be able to convince the others, to give the best you can do. And time to time recognition from your manager, from your customer, contribute also to reach the success. I often noticed during hard periods that a recognition from your manager is sometimes a stronger incentive than a small bonus or a compensation.
    Success is not only measured by the money you earn, but also the wellness at work, at life too ! To have the picture of happiness gives you more chance to reach the success.

  • This is a hard one because I’m conflicted, honestly, between what I do feel, what I should feel, and what I want to feel. I’ve had the “if you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?” question thrown at me, both implicitly and explicitly, as if I should be more successful.
    And yet, when I look at my resume, if I didn’t know how much blood I sweat for every line on it, I don’t know if I’d believe it. I’ve done much of what I want, and what I want is widely varied.
    Yet, I have regrets, and I gather that the Correct Thing to say is “je le regrette rien,” but I don’t believe Edith Piaf thought so either, when she sang it, or she couldn’t have sung it so well.
    When it comes to core values, I haven’t betrayed them. If I veered a little bit sideways, I got back on the path, made amends, and kept going. It is an unattractive thing to claim as a success: diamond earrings would be prettier, and a best-seller more profitable, but what I have is what I have made for myself; the game — please God — isn’t over yet; and all I ask is that if I work hard, the next step comes into reach.
    Money is only one measure of success. I don’t downplay it, but Bernie Madoff is in prison after prizing it above all else, betraying his friends and his causes and his clients, so it clearly has its limits. Bill Gates has more money than almost anyone in the U.S., and he gives it away…

  • the relationship between success and money is the relationship between “have” and “do”.
    You “have” money. Its what you “do” with it that makes your successful.

  • Hi… Success to me is RECOGNITION…. when you feel being Recognized, you feel to have achieve success in something. It is not like that you SHOULD have the money to be recognized or to achieve success although it goes hand in hand where you keep on receiving money upon receiving success in something.

  • Salima, hi !
    Success usually is measured by money when we have a smooth stream of life around us.
    In aligned universe individuals urge to achieve some habitual benchmarks shared by most part of people. There are such ones as money, power, respect and many other dull things.
    The money very frequently plays a role of driver for the rest urged items.
    But the picture sharply changes when the individuals have been dropped in a really stressed situation threatened either to the life/health of the person or his position in a society.
    Then the other features of success arise, for example:
    – I have found a shelter and so I weren’t killed. I’m a successful man.
    – I won this duel and my honor was saved. I’m a successful man.
    – I have not enough skills but I was assigned to manage this hopeless situation. They believed me and I have settled up these affairs. I’m a successful man.
    – I have done this “black slope” and there was no rapture with my legs. Cool!!!
    Money is a dust only. There aren’t any pockets in a coffin.
    But we are living just there and just now.
    And usually we have a big gratitude to an organization which gives us a filling of hardship overcoming but not only the money.

  • Only materialists equate sucess in life with money. Yes, in business, money is a very good measure of success – but not the only thing. Businesses must become part of the community they are in and treat their employees well.
    Looking at all the young lads around here driving BMW’s and Mercedes you’d think they were all successfull businessmean. Well they are doing a form of “business” I suppose. Acheiving money and material goods by any means is not my measure of success.

  • I measure success in my life by how much of what I have done was done my way.
    Clearly, money must be earned to pay the bills and children need to be raised to be wise contributors.
    But, when it all comes down to it…..did I smite the A-holes and help the good folks while doing it my way?

  • I disagree with the statement that success is money. However, success is a comprehensive word that combines so many other aspects as well. Success is self- satisfaction, achievement of goals (professional, personal, spiritual, emotional etc.), Money is only a major part of success formula. Money opens many ways to explore further in life as it is the most useful resource or facilitator in life.

  • Sanjukta Dutta

    Money speaks !! But Money is not the only thing that speaks…!!
    To be succesful it doesnot mean you have to be rich or Rich are not always succesful.
    Success means to achieve what you aim for.
    I aspect of work and compensation , You are successful so you are rich.
    All Riches are not successful. For e.g The Underworld Mafias 🙂
    Success to me means To Achieve What I was Aiming For.
    Also : Success = Money + Status + Fame + Happiness ( most imp)

  • Martin Thomas

    To me success quite simply means having the means to do the things I enjoy more than things I don’t enjoy.
    So in practical terms while a lot of my contemporaries earn significanly more money than I do I only work a max 20 hr week for 6-9 months a year and make enough to live comfortably but not grandly and travel frequently to interesting places and for my wife to have space to practice her photography to the point where people are willing to pay her to do it occasionally.
    Much better than both husband and wife working 60 plus hrs a week for 50 weeks a year for 40 years only to die of exhaustion before they can enjoy the big house and garden!
    And yes…I know that most of the world can’t even play this game till they get clean water, sufcient food, some basic medicines and decent housing – I was born lucky and it’s gotten better.

  • byomjeet mishra

    “SUCCESS” is a relative term. For me the definition of success can be something and for someone else it can be something else. It all depends on the mindset and the society.
    For a limping person, winning a 10 meters race will be called as success but for a sprinter even 99 meters race will not be considered as success.
    For me money has always been taking the back seat, though it is important, it is not the sole thing to be considered. The pleasure that you get after completing a job with your satisfaction is success. Remaining honest is success, remaining committed is success, getting to the place up there through the ladder is success, being humane is success. Everyone can make money, even the robbers make money but are they successful socially?
    While writing this, I am reminded of a saying by my father “Not everybody can make money and become rich but everybody can become a Human Being (in the real sense of the words) if one tries.”
    This is success for me.

  • Kingsley Payne

    It is true that monetary gain can be used as an indicator for success. That is not to say that because somebody earns a lot of money, that they are more successful than another.
    Different people try to succeed in different ways, and sometimes fail in doing so. Two people might have different results, based upon whether money was their sole defining measure for success.
    Where money is not the sole motivating factor, one might strive for innovation, purity, openness, and challenge the ‘norms’ with a strong and dedicated focus on their job, considering multiple viewpoints in a proactive, self-leading (through leadership of themselves) manner. These types have a desire to rise to challenges and succeed through their work. They insist on putting 150% effort in, irrespective of money or paid overtime, because they are passionate and driven in what they do, and triumphing over a challenge is more rewarding than just money itself.
    Where money is the sole motivating factor, one might drop a 100-tonne anchor in the company, make it impossible for the company to get rid of them, be as obsequious and agreeable as possible (even if it means being insincere and/or dishonest), challenge nothing and always go about their work safely in a way that is going to guarantee their ultimate progression in the company, promotions, recommendations, and ultimately personal monetary gain.
    I have observed both types in this world, and the unfortunate truth is that the majority of people are motivated by money alone, probably as a result of the materialistic status and ego-driven capitalist world that we live in. The reality is that without money you are in a very bad situation, no matter how you define success.
    I think that if money is your sole motivating factor, and to you defines success, and you are prepared to live your life with the sole purpose of personal monetary gain, then you will succeed. And that if you ever pursue anything in life other than personal monetary gain, you will fail in life.

  • Oren Ovung

    Money is important but should not be the most important thing in life. I believe money should serve us, but we should not serve money. If we build our path to success with money as the foundation then later in life we will realize how we have missed out in many things which life has to offer…. It is more joyful to serve than to be served. It is better to give than to receive… With experience you’ll agree with me. Just try it once 🙂
    Let money serve you and live like a king! 🙂
    Good Day!!

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