What 'souvenir'' would you like to put on your office desk, to remind you of Christmas season?

A picture of your loved ones, the ‘infamous’ Santa that never makes it on time, some childhood toy you always dreamed of having, red hearts, walking stick shaped candy bars, mistletoe and the like. If you were to choose just one thing, what would it be- and why?
This question is for anyone- and everyone, who celebrates Christmas and the New Year – It’s not limited to a single religion/religious sect. It’s there to help people reminisce the spirit of holiday season.
Comments appreciated.


  • A new bicycle! I always seemed to get a new one every other year because I wore them out so quickly, lost them or they were stolen by grinch, lol.

  • Childhood toy – to refresh happy memories of my youth.
    Thanks for asking Zohaib.
    Yours, Annemarie

  • An old paper coffee cup.
    The kind — from a time seemingly so long ago when there was no Starbucks — with the generic Greek diner motif.
    …and have some loose change in it.
    In New York, as I assume elsewhere, as well, it was the calling card of many homeless people asking for change.
    With all of the news feeds from home and abroad about how everything is going to !@#$, it is (IMHO) important to consider what we may have, how we might be more fortunate than others for it, and how we should try to think about and help others, as possible.
    Thanks, Zohaib.

  • There’s little room here.
    Currently, I have Lego’s, a baseball, a set of Markers, plenty of pics of early childhood friends and my own kids…
    I already do collect my toys around me!

  • A clean aging for all outstanding accounts would be nice!!
    Maybe a frame for it as well, to know that your friends in business know the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Actually, I do not like to be reminded of the Christmas season. If anything, I would prefer a distraction that would draw my thoughts away from the holidays.

  • Being that I am a Marine and directly involved with the Toys For Tots Program. Each year seeing needy children receive toys is such a wonderul experience!

  • A nail — understood only by those who know its significance, but a reminder of where my focus needs to be.

  • Dr. Jennifer Lupo

    Well, I don’t celebrate Christmas as I am Jewish, but I do keep little things on my desk for the holidays. πŸ™‚
    I have an electric menorah, I have a dradle and I make sure I get Hanukkah gelt every year so we can play dradle.

  • i’d choose a vacation note. that’d say it all πŸ˜›

  • Thank you Kristine for your timely and wise response. I too would have a nail on my desk, along with a light burning bright, a lamb. This too reminds me of the awesomeness of where my focus is.

  • Mahlaqa Saeed

    a snowball that you can shake and white particles fall as if they are snow-something like the gift the girl gave to shahrukh in om shanti om-only it has no music, rather snowflakes.

  • Sandra Palmer

    My guess is you’re not Christian and you’re asking a question you hope will please Christians.
    Truth is Christmas is about gadgets and presents the same way Eid-Al-Fitr is about presents – IT ISN’T. This time until Christmas is about prayer and cleaning your soul and filling it with joy. Work is done quickly so people can go home and enjoy the preparations of Christmas. One doesn’t celebrate Christmas at their desk.
    Personally I try to have a decorated candle or small Christmas tree on my desk. But during this time I simply quieten my thoughts and watch my temper and enjoy the anticipation of the holiest and most beloved Christian holiday.

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