Rock City Club, a social music network conceived by Michael Jackson, finds Ephlux its Rockstar!

 Rock City Club, the world’s Music social network developed not only to share music and ideas but to nurture and support talents throughout the world.

About Rock City, Jack Wishna and Michael Jackson

Rock City Club is founded by Jack Wishna – the same Jack Wishna who helped convince Michael Jackson to return to America after 18 months in exile, and worked with him for seven months in an effort to create his comeback. According to Norm Clarke, Wishna “was instrumental in having the pop icon move back to the United States.” Jack Wishna created with input from Michael Jackson. Wishna was Jackson’s friend and worked on several projects with him including Jackson and Wishna presenting Cirque du Soleil with the idea to do a Michael Jackson show based upon the Thriller song and Jackson’s many hits.
Rock City Club is the world’s only Social Music Network™. A system that integrates social media and fan interaction to discover and develop musical talent, and expose them and their music content to a worldwide audience utilizing virtual and real world experiences.
It has been created by a group of music industry icons who have worked on building the careers of: Usher, Madonna, Green Day, Rascall Flatts, Selena Gomez, Ozzy Osbourne, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson and many more…
Labeled as the “Facebook of Music”, is changing the music industry in terms of how artists and bands are discovered, and how their music is promoted and distributed., is an online global community where artists, bands, fans, rockstars, and industry professionals come together to discover, promote and enjoy the best undiscovered rock talent online, and at Rock City Club shows worldwide.
And we are the first internet music company to bring music fans together to actively participate with other fans from around the world through mobile /social networking and gaming, to promote undiscovered talent in unique and rewarding ways.
Rock City Club is an online community with social networking components that is changing the music industry in terms of how artists and bands are discovered, and how their music is promoted and distributed to fans of great music.

How Ephlux became the Development Rockstar for Rockcity?

Ephlux was approached by RockRena Inc – to become the core development team for the cutting edge Social Music Network Ephlux conducted a thorough business analysis and provided valuable insights from its past experiences to put together the Phase 1 feature-set and a robust technology roadmap.
Also, Ephlux put together a dedicated team of web designers, mobile apps  and web developers (rockstars) to start the architecture, design and development iterations, while keeping RockRena totally in the game with daily SCRUM meetings. Ephlux valuable inputs on technology selection and feature-roll-out strategies were actively sought by RockCityClub during and beyond the development phases.