Social Commerce in Today’s World

Social commerce is a kind of electronic commerce which is basically used for social media which supports social interaction and exchange of ideas. Social commerce mainly involves in buying and selling of the products & services for which EBAY & AMAZON are the best example today. They both are working on the basis of social commerce on a very large scale.
The main idea of social commerce was on the basis of collecting ecommerce transaction socially. There is a list of websites who have applied social commerce and yet are very famous and created huge goodwill. Today, Facebook is the biggest example who has implemented social commerce technique in the website in fact which was build up on the idea of social connections.
Today information technology has grown so advance that things are always just a click away and living in such type of developments, social commerce is very essential to be implemented. The idea of social commerce should be in mind for any business that has a social relation.
Social commerce has also benefited online shoppers. It enables them to connect with each other to get important information of the performance of products and services, to find the best prices and quality of goods and services for purchasing. This creates the need for social commerce and comes in the form of online customer rating and reviews, user recommendations and referrals, forums and communities.
Facebook, Groupon, Saveology, LivingSocial, Tabjuice, ShopSocially, BuyWithMe, Etsy, StuffBuff, Cafepress, Kactoos and Lockerz are a list of websites that runs or implements social commerce.
Without social commerce it is near to impossible to grow on World Wide Web or to run any business online. As businesses become more global, they can provide a far reach of “word-of-mouth” of their products and services to targeted customers.

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