SNC Lavalin – JD Edwards Punch-out Integration using cXML and Business Services (BSSVs)

Ephlux successfully implemented JD Edwards Self-Requisition and Punch Out Module for SNC Lavalin employees and securely integrated the solution with Vendor B2B E-Commerce applications using Business Services (BSSVs) and F5 Firewall configurations.

SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. is a Canadian company headquartered in Montreal that provides engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services to various industries, including mining and metallurgy, oil and gas, environment and water, infrastructure, and clean power. SNC-Lavalin is the largest construction company, by revenue, in Canada, as of 2018. The firm has over 50,000 employees worldwide, with offices in over 50 countries and operations in over 160 countries.


SNC Lavalin wanted to implement JD Edwards Self-Requisition and Punchout Module for their employees to place orders to their authorized vendors including Dell, Grainger and more.

SNC Lavalin also wanted to ensure that the integration between the Self-Requisition Punchout module with the authorized B2B vendor e-commerce portal was highly secure using stringent F5 firewall configurations for the punchout call back Business Service (BSSV) calls using cXML payload. SNC also wanted to evaluate the option of utilizing AIS and Orchestrator for the integration.

SNC needed a partner that had strong expertise with Punchout module, JD Edwards integrations and F5 firewall security. Ephlux was selected as a result of a rigorous vendor selection process.


Ephlux JD Edwards functional consultants, BSSV Integration consultants and F5 Firewall expert teamed up to provide multiple iterations of the secure integration architecture between the Punchout modules, Punchout Business Services (cXML), Vendor E-Commerce portals and F5 firewall configurations.

Based on multiple iterations and multiple audit reviews by SNC Security audit teams, the final architecture was agreed upon and 3 parallel work-streams were kicked off. While the Punchout Self-Requisition module was implemented, the integration between the JD Edwards and Vendor cXML based APIs were developed and tested.

At the same time Ephlux F5 consultants worked closely with the SNC team on the implementation of the F5 firewall to provide a robust security mechanism to secure the communication between JD Edwards and the vendor portals.

Once the solution was implemented, it was rigorously tested by the SNC team to ensure it met or exceeded their enterprise security guidelines.

Here’s what SNC Lavalin says about working with Ephlux

The project was handled with efficiency and expertise.
The team had a collaborative approach and all issues were resolved in a
reasonable manner. I would recommend the team and have mentioned them to other colleagues.”

Karen Van Horne – Senior Director Business Systems

Functional Overview

  • Punchout Module -> Self-Requisition
  • Integration of Self-Requisition Purchase Orders with Vendor B2B E-Commerce portal
  • End-to-end security of the integration using F5 Firewall

Technical Overview

  • JD Edwards Punchout Business Services (BSSVs)
  • cXML (Commerce XML) Payload
  • F5 Firewall Configuration

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