Smiths Manufacturing – leading manufacturer and assembler of automotive air-conditioning and engine cooling components – has selected Swift for JD Edwards mobile scanner apps for warehouse and inventory management.

Smiths Manufacturing, leading manufacturer of automotive air-conditioning and engine cooling components, signs Swift for JD Edwards mobile and scanner apps.

Smiths Manufacturing has embraced the power and simplicity of Swift platform to launch PO Receiving, Inventory Transfers, Inventory Availability, Item Cross Reference and Label Printing apps. 

Smiths intends to roll out Swift apps across the enterprise and has opted for the unlimited users.

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Smiths Manufacturing is an accredited automotive component manufacturer, based in New Germany, South Africa. Smiths manufactures integrated vehicle systems and parts for major global OEM’s. This includes AC Systems, heat exchangers, together with solutions for washer and reserve tanks. The support of replacement parts for the OEM is an integral facet of the business. Smiths products are made under license to International Tier 1 Global Companies, depending on defined projects and models.


Smith Manufacturing uses JD Edwards as its ERP to record, control and manage the inventory and the transactional processing within the warehouse. Smith is looking at inventory transfer,Item Availability lookup, cross reference lookup,Receipt and Receipt reversal mobility solution with label printing to automate and mobilize the process of inventory management and  PO transactional processing.


  • Labels for internal identification and transaction processing. 
  • Real-time data acquisition at each stage of the process. 
  • Digitize and standardize warehouse and inventory transfer processes. 
  • Get real-time, actionable data on production material and products
  • Obtain visibility of parts from suppliers globally and locally. 
  • Item availability and Cross reference lookup app on scanner and mobile devices. 
  • PO goods receiving functions with Inventory Transfers, Manufacturing completions, Stock take etc.

Smiths Manufacturing was looking to improve productivity with mobile and scanner based real-time data acquisition, digitize warehouse and inventory transfer processes, get real-time and actionable data on production materials and products, visibility of parts from global and local suppliers and real-time integration with JD Edwards to ensure all data remains current in all the related business processes.


Ephlux proposed a comprehensive solution that works across all devices including mobile, tablet, scanner and web to address the business problems while providing mobility, integration and business process re-engineering and automation to achieve the end-to-end solution using a combination of Swift and Orchestrator with their JD Edwards ERP.


Using Ephlux Swift platform greatly reduces the integration complexity, provide best-of-breed mobility, and ensures that the complete JD Edwards security, transactional integrity and data integration at all levels is ensured across all devices and JD Edwards ERP,  while maintaining the complete audit trail of all user activity.

Swift solution helps with real-time data acquisition on mobile and scanner devices, digitize and standardize warehouse and inventory transfer processes, provides real-time and actionable data on production materials and products, get visibility of parts from various global and local suppliers.

Some of the key apps available to Smiths Manufacturing:

  • PO Receiving
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Inventory Availability
  • Item Cross Reference
  • Label Printing

The above Swift apps provide a comprehensive solution to Smiths Manufacturing to automate and mobilize their warehouse and procurement functions with an end-to-end integration with their JD Edwards.

“We feel that Swift is a God-sent and a game-changer for us. The ability for our BAs and even power users to create apps across mobile and web integrated with our ERP within a couple of days, that otherwise took months for a whole dev team, is amazingly empowering. It was hard to believe at first!”  

Brian Sherrard – 
Distribution Manager, Mizuno USA

Functional Overview

  • PO Receiving
  • Inventory Transfer
  • PO Reversal 
  • Inventory Availability and Cross Reference 
  • Label Printing
  • Swift Find/Browse Forms for Drill-Down of the KPIs
  • Honeywell Scanner apps

Technical Overview

  • Swift apps integrated at a meta-data level with JD Edwards AIS & Orchestrations
  • Swift drag-n-drop Integration with JDE AIS and Orchestrations
  • Honeywell Scanner apps 
  • Mobile, Tablet and Web Dashboard and Apps
  • Swift Connectors, Label Printing Component, Zebra printer connector, File Transfer
  • Swift Orchestrations for Receipting, Inventory Transfer, PO Reversal, Item Availability, Item Cross Reference

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