Significance of Self Assessment

Self Career AssessmentSelf assessment has a lot of significance. It helps in identifying the direction one is heading towards. We are usually keen in seeking other’s feedback on our work but we somehow forget the importance of self assessment that can be very useful indeed to raise one’s own performance standards.
It can help in achieving superior results if we frequently evaluate ourselves by asking relevant questions regarding our own technical expertise, organizational and management capabilities, attitude towards others and work, confidence level, sense of responsibility, professionalism etc.
Self realization is the key here to find out what have we achieved and what improvements can we make to further excel in our careers.
Please share what efforts do you make towards self improvement and development? Furthermore, how can its importance be realized by others for achieving overall excellence both at the individual and organizational levels?


  • Eric Saint-Guillain

    Self assessment has to be an ongoing process. There are different aspects included in a self assesment exercise. A first point is the knowledge and competences. In a fast moving environment, our knowledges and compatences needs to be up to date. Each year, I plan some training sessions in order to learn the last updates of matters being part of my business.
    A key point of a self assessement exercise is to define target and objectives. In order to see what is the degree of completion of our objectives, two elements are important to determine it: feedback and debriefing. As freelance consultant, I have to work on specific and ponctual projects. After the completion of each project, it is always important to get a feedback from the customer, but also to note how things were realized, what were the issues or blocking points and what are the potential points of improvement. It help us to develop a better methodology of work, to anticipate some situations and to be more efficient and pro-active. Each experience, each project is a usefull source of knowledge giving us the opportunity to face new challenges.


    Dear Salima Nasir
    Seasons Greetings
    Unless one assesses,one self how can he assess others.Self assessment is the most primary requirement of any individual to develop his/her career graph in the long run.The one who is very much interested in growth uniformly,constantly,must assess himself at each curve,cross-road in the path of one’s life.
    Just as we have annual,half-yearly,monthly,weekly appraisals,one should have a perfect record of self-improvement.I can mention some salient areas as follows :
    a).Personal communication at work place,with colleagues,friends,at home.
    One must improve this basic ,important factor.
    b).Efficiency at output of results.This is a very important area,to improve.
    c).How well are you getting along with others such as your seniors,sub-
    -ordinates,office staff from time to time.
    d).Assess your weaknesses and convert them to strengths.
    e).Never take any one for granted,never assume things,see the right thing
    in the right perspective.
    f).Keep your eyes and ears always open.Keep your mouth shut,listen to
    others very carefully,before making any comment.

  • Matthew Leitch

    Self assessment for self improvement is where it starts . You have to know what your dealing with in order to find a solution. There are plenty of tools to help you find out.
    My systems is too try and read a book at least 3 times a year in the field I’m in. That way I can gauge where I stand in the scheme of things like my niche.
    Instead of trying to make a change, I find something I can add to my repertoire and let the changes happen by themselves.

  • Nay Lin Maung

    Self improvement is to do human mind or determination from person.
    If I want to get apple from the top of the trees, I will use my brain to get the apples without touching apples with my hand.
    He or she has to learn how to become global leaders in the organization levels. It is way to start.

  • Wallace Jackson

    I make daily efforts at self improvement by assimilating new development paradigms.

  • Susan Shwartz PhD

    Self-assessment is much too important to be left to corporate conduct. I’d include it under examination of conscience. It is easier, when one is employed, to say it, but there are things that are more important than Career.

  • Christine Hueber

    My efforts toward self-improvement and development are on-going … to me it’s part of life and providing constant value to my clients.

  • Guy Battaglia

    Self assessment and self realization are necessary if you are taking care of your ‘self’.
    I strive everyday to be a better person…that seems to be working for me.


    One of the most incredible stupid things a person can do is believe in the applause of others or the criticisms of another, the key is the noble soul begins with reverence for self, Superhuman by Nietzsche and The Fountainhead by Ann Rand is exactly what you are seeking from these insightful questions.

  • Cheryl Roshak

    Salima, that is quite a question! Self assessment should be an ongoing process throughout life for to know one’s self truthfully is perhaps one of the hardest yet most necessary of things a person can do for himself. Self awareness can come from honest introspection and analysis of one’s actions and motives and how we enhance our chances or actions or how we undermine or chances or actions. This is not an easy process. Sometimes it takes outside help from valued friends or professionals, talking openly about what are one’s stumbling blocks or goals, hopes or dreams and how to achieve them.
    You are combining self realization with excelling in our careers and though similar, I fear are two different areas or issues, though without self knowledge, one can undermine one’s career goals perhaps. But not always. I have seen some very unenlightened and foolhardy people in positions of management and power in my day. If someone has issues that hinder his or her advancement, then it is wise to work on those things. But how will this person know that he or she has these problems, whether in communication, shyness, standing up to authority, taking charge of situations and the like? It would take some major change within the person to learn how to be different and that could only come from outside help, like counseling or therapy or something of that nature. This is a good question, one which we should all ponder but I see no easy answers

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