Shirazi Trading – a GE Healthcare distributor selected Ephlux to implement Oracle Sales Cloud

As part of an Atlas Group, Shirazi Trading has vast experience in Providing Equipment, Solutions & Services in Business Imaging, Mailing System, Power Generation, Marine & Navigational Aids and Medical diagnostics to thousands of customers across Pakistan and around the world. Ephlux successfully implemented Oracle Sales Cloud for all their business units to optimize sales operations with a 360 Degree view of a customer.


Before the project began Shirazi Trading did not have a sales force automation system in place. All their business units were using manual processes and they turned out to be cumbersome with no integration between different systems. They also had a limited view of customer visibility, sales pipeline, analytics and sales intelligence. Sales representatives were spending more time searching for information and sales managers were concerned about missing their sales quota.


Ephlux conducted a requirement gathering workshop that consisted of 1 week and understood the sales processes and daily routine of a sales person. The solution proposed considers all the 3 business units (Industrial, Business, Healthcare) collectively, along with their specific requirements that were discussed during the workshop. All business units have entirely different sales processes so Ephlux used a phased approach to handle the project.

Ephlux implemented a customized solution for all business units and provided them the functionality that was OOTB not available which includes quotation and integration. Now Shirazi Trading has an automated system for managing customer and contact data, and all master data is now located in Oracle Sales Cloud integrated with their ERP. Sales Managers now have 360 Degree View, Higher Conversion Rates and Real Time Analytics to improve their sales force efficiency.

Functional Overview

  • Sales Activities
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Forecasting
  • Quotation
  • Sales Activity Management
  • Reporting

Technical Overview

  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Integration
  • Groovy
  • iOS / Android / Web
  • Offline Capability

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