Shelf Drilling selects Swift to mobilize their procurement processes

Mobilizing and optimizing procurement processes using Swift

Shelf Drilling is a leading contractor of jack-up rigs. Incorporated under the laws of the Cayman Islands with Management headquartered in Dubai and rig operations across Southeast Asia, India, West Africa, North Sea and MENAM (Middle East, North Africa & Mediterranean).

Shelf Drilling has a sole focus on shallow water drilling services and leverage decades of industry experience and an outstanding track record to provide best-in-class drilling operations for our customers.




Shelf Drilling was looking for an enterprise app automation no-code platform that could provide the following capabilities for their procurement process: 


  • Business Analyst Friendly / Low Code No Code with integration with JD Edwards, Oracle Fusion and 3rd party apps and databases 
  • Device Agnostic iOS, Android, smartphones, tablets and scanners JD Edwards Integration (AIS & Orchestrations) integrates at a meta-data level 
  • JDE business logic & Functional Knowledge inherited from standard or custom JDE modules & forms 
  • JD Edwards Security compliance with existing JD Edwards security
  • Soc2 Type 2 Compliance

Shelf Drilling was looking for an enterprise app automation no-code platform that could provide mobility for their procurement process with seamless integration with their JD Edwards ERP.



Mobilizing Shelf Drilling’s procurement process with Swift PO Approval App

Shelf Drilling is looking to harness the power of Swift’s low code/no code app automation platform and Orchestrator/AIS with Swift Mobile PO Approval application:

  • Analytics: Easier data gathering for enhanced visualization. 
  • Agility: Reduction in time-to-market for app launches. 
  • Mobility: Improvement in procurement efficiency – enabling on-the-go approvals. 
  • Device Agnostic Flexibility: Fully compatible across iPhone, Android, tablet & web. 
  • Efficiency: Significant increase in overall operational efficiency.

“We feel that Swift is a God-sent and a game-changer for us. The ability for our BAs and even power users to create apps across mobile and web integrated with our ERP within a couple of days, that otherwise took months for a whole dev team, is amazingly empowering. It was hard to believe at first!”  

Brian Sherrard – 
Distribution Manager, Mizuno USA

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