Re’Lease’ of Real Estate App gratifies Real Estate World

Planning, tracking and managing the real estate portfolio effectively requires strategic decisions taken accurately – because when it comes down to leased and owned properties, a really comprehensive tool is needed to simplify and aid in the countless steps and procedures. “We are a service business. It comes down to people and relationships,” says Eddie Shapiro, CEO, Nestseekers Real Estate. This is exactly what a smart real estate app would do – focus on serving the buyer/seller and make the various tasks easy and manageable.
One app that would act as a central location for real-estate agents enabling them to manage their day to day activities with ease and from anywhere would be great. Real estate agents need to be up and about, and with the need of their job to be quick, alert and responsive. Only an agile management system could give them a sigh of relief. For this reason, and also to make the lives of people wanting to buy and sell properties easy, Ephlux created a fine mobile solution.
With the automated tracking of costs and expenses, categorized by departments, payees or even space, management and tracking of leased and owned properties across the entire real estate system becomes a simple and manageable job. The advantage of having an app ready to be used on the go is the way critical dates are managed properly and with notifications of upcoming lease dates, the agent can be fast in acting.
Other ‘activities’ such as site selection and acquisition, new lease initiation, subleasing and all sorts of common real estate transactions are made easy and available for review and approval. Managing the real estate jobs is a big task, but with a smart app that brings tasks on a dashboard, strategic decisions can be made effectively and accurately for both leased and owned properties.