Program Management – Overkill or an Absolute Must?

 The importance of Program Management in an IT offshore setting or even otherwise would be based on three factors combined: team size, no. of simultaneous projects and your maturity level (it will aid to increase the maturity level and vice versa).
CMM Level 2 : Need of strong project managers and leaders.
You should be from 10-30 people with around 5 simultaneous projects.
CMM Level 3 : Need to start setting up Program Management with project managers complying to common standards for Project Delivery, Customer Servicing, etc.
You should be from 30 – 100 people with around 10-20 simultaneous projects.
CMM Level 4 and beyond : Strong and Continuously Improving Program Management.
You should be 100+ people with more than 20 simultaneous projects
Below Level 3 it’s an OVER-KILL and beyond Level 4 it’s an ABSOLUTE MUST!
Program Management should be closely linked with the strategic-level decision makers of the offshore company, onshore proxy and end-customers. It should also be linked closely with the Marketing function.
Program Management group should comprise of people with strong technical backgrounds and even stronger business and strategic acumen and leadership attitude to drive the organization forward. It should NEVER be looked upon as a Cost Center ensuring compliance BUT should be the Driver of change and should keep its fingers on the markets pulse.

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