Populate Dropdown & Tags Control based on JDE Forms

Login to Swift App Design Studio

Login in to the App Design Studio using your Swift admin account:

Dropdown & Tags Control

These Control Features are available in the Entry forms, Orchestration forms and Custom Entry forms. 

Click the Application in which you want to use the above-mentioned features. This will open up the App Designer:

Now Click either of the Entry Form, Orchestration Form or Custom Entry Form you had previously created. 

Populate Drop Down & Tags Controls based on JDE Forms

Click on the Tags or Dropdown Field from the Toolbox & press Edit on the Control to configure it. 

  1.  Enter Display Label, Control ID( Orchestration Field name incase of Orchestration Form)
  2.  Select a field from the ‘Depends on’ Dropdown 
  3. Select JD Edwards from the Channels Dropdown
  4. Select Form Service
  5. Enter Application Name, Form Name, Version, Field & Value
  6. Add Search Fields from the Search Criteria
  7. Select None in the Schedule Process Dropdown.
  8. Press Populate. This will load the relevant Fields with the corresponding values.