Populate Dropdown & Tags Control based on JDE Tables

Login to Swift App Design Studio

Login in to the App Design Studio using your Swift admin account:

Dropdown & Tags Control

These Control Features are available in the Entry forms, Orchestration forms and Custom Entry forms. 

Click the Application in which you want to use the above-mentioned features. This will open up the App Designer:

Now Click either of the Entry Form, Orchestration Form, View Action Form or Custom Entry Form you had previously created. 

Populate Drop Down & Tags Controls based on JDE Tables

Click on the Tags or Dropdown Field from the Toolbox & press Edit on the Control to configure it. 

  1.  Enter Display Label, Control ID
  2.  Select a field from the ‘Depends on’ Dropdown 
  3. Select JD Edwards from the Channels Dropdown
  4. Select Table Query
  5. Select the required JD Edwards table from the Tables Dropdown
  6. You can use Filters to filter out relevant data from the Table you selected. Select a relevant table field from the dropdown.
  7. Select from a required comparison operator
  8. In the ‘access variable’ field, type ‘@’ to select from the list of Global variables, session variables, Form fields & Grid fields. 
  9. Select from the ‘Field’ and ‘Value’ dropdown.
  10. Select ‘None’ in the Schedule Process Dropdown.
  11. Press ‘Populate’. This will load the relevant Table Columns with the corresponding values.