Plano Synergy – Outdoor Powerhouse Plano modernizes their E-Commerce platform with Ephlux

Ephlux successfully streamlined real-time E-commerce data flow between Magento, Salesforce and JDE using Salesforce/Magento APIs along with Business Services.

Plano Synergy brings together some of the top brands in the outdoor industry – giving hunters and anglers all they need to be successful. This partnership combines the long-standing history of Plano Molding’s premium fishing products with the innovative design and robust portfolio of hunting powerhouse Synergy Outdoors.


Plano Synergy operates multiple outdoor brands for the sporting industry. They’ve been using Magento for their E-Commerce, Salesforce as their CRM application and JD Edwards as their core ERP. However, there was a major disconnect between the E-Commerce operations, CRM and the inventory management and order processing related to the online orders.

Plano Synergy reached out to Ephlux to provide an integrated solution between their Magento based E-Commerce, Salesforce CRM and JD Edwards using Business Services.

The key processes outlined were Sales Order Entry from Magento to Salesforce and JD Edwards, Inventory Updates from JD Edwards to E-Commerce, Order Processing and Tracking using JD Edwards pick slip integration with Magento Shipment Updates for the customers.

The need was to allow the solution to be scalable across multiple brands and Magento storefronts.


Ephlux worked with the customer to evaluate multiple integration options using JD Edwards Business Services (BSSVs), Salesforce APIs and Magento APIs. After detailed evaluations, an integration architecture was agreed upon using Salesforce as the mediator between the back-end JD Edwards and front-end Magento E-Commerce stores.

Ephlux worked diligently on complex integration scenarios ranging from Sales Order Entry, Inventory Updates between the backend and front-end applications, Pick Slip and Shipment Updates integrations, back-orders etc.

Since the initial launch, the solution has scaled across multiple brands and storefronts, and has successfully processed thousands of daily orders. Ephlux has closely worked with Plano Synergy and has supported them throughout their E-Commerce growth process.

Here’s what Plano says about working with Ephlux

“We’ve seen record Black Friday sales across fifteen active sites, and were able to correctly manage inventory throughout the entire weekend because of the accelerated refreshes. Orders have flowed through to JDE cleanly, without pause, and without need to manually usher them along.

I will happily recommend Ephlux to anyone looking for a light, fast, development strike team able to execute creative solutions.”

James Horvath – Senior Director of IT

Functional Overview

  • Magento -> Salesforce -> JD Edwards Sales Order Entry
  • JD Edwards -> Magento Inventory Updates
  • JD Edwards Order Processing -> Magento Order Updates
  • JD Edwards Pick Slip -> Salesforce Shipment Updates

Technical Overview

  • JD Edwards Business Services
  • Salesforce APIs
  • Magento APIs
  • Custom Middleware for Process Orchestration
  • Support for multiple Magento Storefronts

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