PHILIPS – Android Kiosk Application

Philips is showcasing its products in Denmark on Android tablet based Kiosks. Do you know who has developed the Android Kiosk app for PHILIPS? Yes, Ephlux did!

In Denmark, Philips wanted to be interactive with people by using Android tablet based kiosks to showcase their next range of products. Following the digital technology trends, instead of big screens they opted for tablets on their kiosks to increase the people’s interest by letting them choose and view the products of their interests and their features.
A local marketing agency Tupelo was hired to unite this marketing idea with technology for this campaign. Ephlux joined hands with Tupelo to design the technical solution that delivered on the Philips marketing campaign. More than 200 Android based tablets were used for this purpose and were distributed in different Philips’s showroom and outlet in different cities.


Ephlux realized that the solution should be self-instructed and capable enough to turn tablets on/off depending on the outlet’s working hours. The table kiosks required minimum human interaction to function flawlessly and not allow users to jump out of the marketing content.
The content was designed on HTML5 with visuals of different products categories and their range. These graphics render in the screen with an algorithm to switch its display patterns to not look tedious, users can also tap on screens to view the content manually.


At Ephlux, we designed an Android app that communicated with the core operating system to intercept some of the device’s functionality and could only be superseded by using a master password. A smart timer was configured to manage device on/off capability to ensure that even when if it is turned off accidently it launches the app instantly once it starts again.
The app was designed in precise period of four weeks and tested on Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Note for the performance check then delivered to Tupleo for installation in 200 tablets.

The company is so thrilled with the success of the campaign and solution that they desire to upgrade the solution for their next marketing events. The phase 2 of the solution is in process that will launch soon with advance interactive and fun features.