Pay Stub History App for SAP S4HANA


Swift Pay Stub History app for SAP S4HANA simplifies the way employees keep a track of their pay stubs and related documentation.

Swift Pay Stub History App provides the following key features:

Note: You need Swift platform service to use this application.


The dashboard view of our Pay Stub History app offers a comprehensive array of essential features tailored to streamline user experience.

  • Upon logging in, users are warmly welcomed with a personalized greeting and an informative video tutorial on navigating the app effectively.
  • Central to the dashboard are user-friendly widgets including “My Pay Stubs,” providing quick access to current and past pay stubs, “Auto Deposit Instructions” for seamless setup and management, and “Payment History” for tracking earnings over time.
  • With these intuitive features, users can effortlessly access vital information, empowering them to manage their finances with ease and efficiency.

Payment History

The “Payment History” feature in our Pay Stub History app serves as a powerful tool for users to track and manage their earnings over time.

  • This intuitive find and browse form allows users to effortlessly search and access detailed records of their past payments.
  • With customizable search filters such as date range, payment type, and employer, users can easily pinpoint specific transactions or explore their payment history comprehensively.
  • Whether they need to review a recent deposit or analyze their earnings trends, this feature provides users with quick and convenient access to the information they need.

By empowering users to stay informed and organized, the Payment History feature enhances financial transparency and enables users to make informed decisions about their finances.

Auto Deposit Instructions

The “Auto Deposit Instructions” feature in our Pay Stub History app simplifies the setup and management of automatic deposits for users’ earnings.

  • This entry form provides a straightforward interface for users to input and customize their auto deposit preferences effortlessly.
  • Users can securely enter their banking details, including account number and routing information, and specify their preferred deposit frequency and amount.
  • Additionally, the form offers optional features such as deposit notifications and alerts for added convenience and security.

By automating the deposit process, users can enjoy the convenience of seamless earnings management while ensuring timely and reliable payments directly into their bank accounts.


My Pay Stubs

The “My Pay Stubs” feature in our Pay Stub History app empowers users to effortlessly access and manage their pay stubs with a user-friendly find and browse form.

  • This intuitive interface allows users to search and view their pay stubs quickly and efficiently.
  • With customizable search filters such as date range, employer, and payment type, users can easily locate specific pay stubs or browse through their entire history.
  • The form presents detailed information for each pay stub, including earnings, deductions, and tax withholdings, ensuring users have a comprehensive overview of their financial transactions.

Whether users need to review a recent pay stub or track their earnings over time, this feature provides convenient access to essential information, enhancing financial transparency and empowerment.

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