Oracle’s Exemplified User Experience

Oracle Open World 2013, a much awaited event is just around the corner and the customer as well as the partners are eager to find out innovation they are about to discover. This new era of technology is user centric with applications designed to improve and simplify their experience. Oracle has always designed its solutions with an aim of providing the users the best solution but keeping simple and usable so that the training and support costs could be kept low while providing maximum profitability.
The new product line of Oracle have been designed to enhance the user experience by considering three factors Simplicity, Mobility & Extensibility as shown in the figure 1.
Mobility: When applications are no longer about the device, mobile technology has steeped its way in, with ubiquitous connections, high-quality display, and good batteries. Mobile technology, from smart phone to tablets to laptops, also enables users to connect with their work life from almost anywhere. High-quality displays mean that a user can now collect information and create extensive digital repositories,
Extensibility: Customers have business needs that can’t be put in the final product. To further complicate matters, businesses may be using different tools to tailor their applications and when an upgrade is needed; those extensions may not translate well. Thus, the applications tailored should be simple and direct.
The simplified user interface was built using existing Oracle Fusion Applications functionality provided by Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) in Oracle Fusion Middleware. Thus, it holds the full functionality of Oracle Fusion Applications—security, metadata, single sign-on, and other benefits of the Oracle Fusion tech stack. Essentially, the most common tasks have been decanted, with the simplified user interface layer on top.
At the Oracle Open World, several sessions will be held to give an insight to what’s rolling in the latest trends and strategies, and how the Applications User Experience can be tailored in the Cloud. The schedule of these sessions is presented at the end. In addition to this Oracle Open World 2013 will showcase On-Site Usability Labs, which will enable the customers to experience, access and be part of the Apps UX hands-on. A variety of job profiles will enjoy the first hand experience of the Applications User Experience with the demopod.
Ephlux understands this need of creating simple and innovative solutions, thus believing in Oracle’s philosophy of enhancing user experience by empowering the user, Ephlux steps in with its power to integrate digital experiences using social media, mobile apps and enterprise networking solutions.





Oracle Team Available

CON8029: Oracle Applications User Experiences In the Cloud: Trends and Strategy

Monday Sept 23rd
, 2013

4:45-5:45 pm

Moscone West 2006/2008

Apps UX Vice President Jeremy Ashley

CON8493: Tailoring Your Applications User Experiences in the Cloud

Wednesday Sept 25th, 2013

11:45am-12:45 pm

Moscone West 3001

  • Killian Evers, Senior Director
  • Tim Dubois, Architect
  • Ultan O’Broin (@ultan), Director
  • Floyd Teter (@fteter), Executive Vice President, EiS Technologies

Table 1 Oracle Open World 2013 Session Schedule

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