Oracle Sales Cloud driving Oracle’s Commercial Success

Oracle Sales Cloud has just celebrated it’s completed its first year of going live. Within this year opportunities, accounts and territories in 145 countries are now covered by a single deployment of Oracle’s SaaS CRM tool in sales operations globally.
Oracle’s vast sales network of sales pros worldwide in Key Accounts, Field Sales, Inside Sales, and Channels rely on Oracle Sales Cloud at every passing moment as it makes Oracle’s revenue climb to greater heights ($37 billion according to the company’s annual report).
The star attractions at Oracle are still its Database or Exadata but the Sales cloud is also delivering hits and is slowly becoming the next superstar. According to Oracle President Mark Hurd, “Oracle has always been a showcase for use of all of our products, I’m happy to celebrate the first full year of use of the Oracle Sales Cloud across our global organization and report that we are getting better results through the shift to a Modern Sales and Marketing platform that delivers better intelligence, social collaboration, and native mobile apps for our Sales and Marketing professionals.”
The Sales Cloud has even gone beyond Oracle’s expectations with what’s it earned for the company. According to Hurd its very unique from any other CRM app. It allows more sales for sales reps, more knowledge for managers and more growth for the organization.

More Sales

  • Global bottom-up forecasts delivered to match your company’s needs at every level.
  • Your processes and CRM as you want them, even on mobile devices.
  • Content marketing and advanced lead generation drives better leads for modern marketing with Oracle Sales Cloud.

More Knowledge

  • Oracle Sales Cloud gives a detailed insight into every customer with essential details from internal and consolidated data, social media, internal and social networks.
  • Pole positioned Forecast Management allows managers to be more proactive and deploy resources to a more optimum level.
  • Leading tablet based mobile analytics helping sales managers to have a full view of what’s really going on so they can be prepared at any time without surprises.

More Growth

  • Real time Incentive Compensation with Oracle Sales Cloud.
  • “Best practices coaching” aiding sales reps with guided selling and up-sell recommendations.
  • Optimal Territories allowing flawless performance from sales reps from the start.

Can your CRM system do all that? If not, then can you afford to wait while your competitors get more sales, more knowledge and more growth?
Oracle Sales Cloud is a single strategic end-to-end platform for organizing on field sales operations and can aid your business in its strategic growth and will be one of the showpieces at Oracle OpenWorld ’13.
Ephlux has expertise in integrating Oracle’s solutions with the ones that your business may already be using. We’re attending Oracle OpenWorld later this month and would like to link up to see the possibilities of growth with the, now year old, Oracle Sales Cloud. We’ll see you there!

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