Oracle Open World- What’s all the hype about?

Oracle Open World

Well the answer is quite simple. Oracle OpenWorld is one of the biggest events of the year attracting everyone from developers, consultants, CEOs, managers and business consultants to be a part of this phenomenal experience. The hype is understandable; it’s not every day that all the big players of the IT and consulting world come together under one roof- the opportunities are limitless.

What’s new?

Last year around 50,000 people attended the conference with 1 Million online attendees, 2,523 sessions and 3,750 total speakers. The emphasis and focus on The Cloud, followed by Big Data and Engineered Systems; the 12C database was also one of the main highlights.
This year it is expected that more than 60,000 business and technology professional from around the world will be attending to present and demo their products and services. Attendees will learn about the latest IT and business technology, changes, upgrades, trends and best practices.
They can participate in onsite certification testing, network with industry luminaries and peers and most imperatively learn about Oracle product lines, the transformational business strategies and solution-specific challenges.

Our position

Analyzing past trends and the current direction of the market, We expect that this year the focus will be on multi-channel customer experience involving mobile, social, e-commerce, big data, cloud and enterprise social networking.
We, at Ephlux are very well in tune with this ‘digital experience’ space having worked on projects for companies like Caesars, Disney, PHILIPS and more.
We have developed mobile, e-commerce and social interfaces to front-end JD Edwards, EBS and other ERPs. We are strongly positioned to exploit the “digital experience” that are gaining momentum in the enterprise world day by day.
There is a clear gap in the market for “Integrated Digital Experience” service providers; for this reason we would like to share our experiences and expertise with other businesses at Oracle Open World. We feel that collaboration with other companies can help us all thrive in this exciting new world of huge opportunities brought about by the mobile and social revolution.


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